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  1. Leading off today. Benintendi sitting (also struggling at lead off out the gate)
  2. Any ideas on how the outcome of this years shortened season can impact a 12 team keeper league next season? Open to ideas. We are pausing our keeper league and drafting a stand alone league this season. We are interested in the standalone league having have some weight on next seasons 2021 keeper league draft while also honoring everything we had in place going into this years 2020 keeper league draft. I have suggested the final standings of this year can determine the draft order of the 13th RD in the 2021 draft. (13th RD is middle RD of our 25 RD draft) We have a 1st RD lottery system and a fair amount of our keepers will have costs in the first 6 rounds. I figure adjusting the 13th RD honors those managers that set themselves up to have early draft picks while also providing a time in the draft where moving up some picks could help teams gain an advantage. It gives the teams that finished lower in the standings a chance to move up while putting pressure on the teams that finished higher to hold onto their higher pick in the 13th RD. Basically lower teams from 2019 have not much to lose and more to gain while higher teams from 2019 have not much to gain but more to lose. Thanks
  3. Which 2 FA SP's to pick up of the following: Felix Pena, Frankie Montas, Nick Kingham, Vince Velasquez, Matt Shoemaker, Aaron Sanchez, Touki Toussaint?
  4. Yes Stanton does fit my team's needs better, but I'm weighing the strength Mondesi and Turner would give me in SBs upfront in the season. Figure I can trade Altuve, Turner or Mondesi for power in the 2nd half after building a lead in SB's. Stanton would have to produce for me where Mondesi can fail as my 21st rd pick Utlity player, while having 25hrs 50sbs upside. 15 hrs against AL Central pitching seems like a lock. All Mondesi needs is 10hrs against the rest of the league. The avg and obp is the downside which I feel my other keepers can mitigate.
  5. I agree Pham is an injury risk. I'd go Albies
  6. 11 Team Yahoo Roto League - Keep 6 or 7 - Keep Stanton (LF,RF) as a 4th Round draft pick or Mondesi (2B,SS) as a 22nd Round draft pick? Mondesi can be a 19th RD pick in 2020 and 16th RD pick in 2021. Mondesi would slot in my Utility position in 2019. Other Keepers: (RD1) Altuve - 2B (RD2) Scherzer - SP (RD3) Goldschmidt - 1B (RD9) Bauer - SP (RD15) Turner - SS (RD22) Guerrero Jr. - 3B
  7. Bellinger is Bellinger, but Eloy can be anything...he can even be Bellinger.
  8. Think you have to go with Yelich. Turner's spot in the batting order isn't certain with Robles and Eaton which could affect the SB total.
  9. His numbers based on his batting order position also fluctuated last season. Significantly better when he batted cleanup as opposed to 2nd or 3rd in the batting order.