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  1. It depends on your options, but yeah, I could see them getting a few picks
  2. Jets 100%. At least in my league whichever Defense is playing Den gets a ton of points
  3. Yeah, Perine and Winston. I feel pretty confident Winston will have a high floor game
  4. Chargers if Peterman is playing. I think they'll get a bunch of sacks and have a high floor. Wash line is banged up
  5. Yeah, I agree with the above. Evans has been underwhelming lately but I think he has a higher floor and ceiling.
  6. McKinnon definitely. Kamara did pretty well vs Car. Obv Kamara is better my point is that a pass catching RB should do well
  7. I'd probably start Drake over Lewis, but it's close. Drake has really impressed lately though, so leaning towards him
  8. Pack. good floor because Kizer is a turnover machine
  9. I'd probably lean towards Olsen but if you want a floor play I actually think Burton is a good pickup (Olsen's floor is zero because he could get reinjured).
  10. I think I'd start any of Crabtree, Gordon, or Perine instead of Burkhead. Crabtree will be getting a ton of targets vs a soft D, so he's probably my first choice. If you need a homerun, Gordon.
  11. I also hate Evans (and am considering benching him) but think you have to start him
  12. I'd definitely start him over Collins and Burkhead. Morris will do well, I think, but I'm imagining you start two RBs so def stick with Leonard
  13. I'd grab Brate (just to be extra careful in case Ertz has a really really bad concussion) and Bills
  14. I agree Forte is safest. Barber if Doug were out, but it's too murky to trust with him playing
  15. Chargers by a mile, unless Tyrod plays then I think it's a bit closer