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  1. Ok. I feel like we're making excuses for him, especially since it was against the Jets and he has proven he can be functionally competent without Brown against a far better team. But I'm not going to belabor the point
  2. I honestly can't tell if you're being sarcastic, but if not...what happened in week 3 when Brown was MIA but Allen went for 300+ and 4 TDs and beat the Rams?
  3. It's kind of terrifying if John Brown is really this integral to Josh Allen's outlook. Especially against the New York Jets
  4. I doubt that but anything is possible I guess. Bryant has been around all year and Hooper was getting more & more targets each game until he got sick. Possible it goes back to an ugly 50/50 split where neither is usable though
  5. I think Hooper is the starter when healthy, and he was just out sick so likely will be good to go next game.
  6. I don’t watch Chargers game but is he as bad as the stat lines look?
  7. I had a feeling and kept him in my lineup. Would've loved a TD and/or the hundo bonus but nice outing. I'm still going to only start him in games that should be competitive, because the Steelers seem to enjoy taking the air out of the ball way too often
  8. It looked like knee the way he was writhing on the ground grabbing his leg but slow mo def showed ankle got rolled on by defender. He walked off but very gingerly and didn't look happy
  9. They were #1 ranked D this week on a lot of sites 😖
  10. I'm wondering if he's really that injured, or they are just holding him out so he doesn't really injure himself while they're working on a trade. I'm really hoping he doesn't get traded, because he's killing it and I can't see him going anywhere where his value will increase or even remain the same.
  11. It's crazy, as I was looking at the 2nd tier of RBs available in the 1st round I considered just taking Thomas instead, because you know elite WRs are much safer than RBs...
  12. Getting bad feelings from this. But the nice thing about the new IR rules(3 weeks) is whether or not guys go on there gives you a bit of clarity as to how serious injuries are.