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  1. There isn't really a reason for him not to smile with his teammates during a dominating win. It's not like he suffered some devastating season ending injury. I wouldn't read much into that as far as his week 16 status.
  2. Every time a thread(usually this thread) gets into this addiction debate it always turns to monkey ****. People are always going to be split on being empathetic towards addicts vs taking the tough love approach so just let it go. Nobody is changing anybody else's mind here.
  3. I’m losing a tight matchup and a Henry dud would be crushing ugh
  4. I can't see myself playing him next weekend even if reports are he looks great. I think I'd need to see a solid game of healthy snaps out of him before I would trust him. I suppose if your team is weak at WR or your league goes until week 17 he may look somewhat attractive.
  5. [...] If you think you have a much stronger team than your opponent and have someone else that's been more reliable lately I can see benching him. Nothing like going into a matchup you think you should win and taking a donut from one of your guys.
  6. Yeah I thought when he came back healthy he’d slide back into low end RB2/high end flex value but his touches were way too low last week in favor of Mostert. I wouldn’t touch him unless seriously desperate
  7. I’m more worried about my slacks after I see the line he posts this weekend
  8. I definitely think 30 is a longshot but I think double digits is more like 50/50. Sure, there are better options but there are also much worse(like James White IMO). I know he's not that exciting because he hasn't dropped many monster games but the guy has actually been amazingly consistent this year especially considering he was losing so many touches to Gore. It looks like they're finally realizing Gore is washed up and they're leaning on him more.
  9. First decent take you've had in this thread Singletary has gone double digits in my .5 PPR league 5 out of the last 7 weeks. One of those he was 8.6 so pretty close to being 6/7. Calling double digits a long shot even in a tough match-up tells me you haven't really been paying attention to what he's doing lately
  10. Why would you drop him just because of a Rapaport tweet? Makes zero sense. I can't imagine there is someone still sitting on your wire that could be a difference maker this week anyways. Chances are DW won't be either but nobody in the organization has said he's playing yet.
  11. No doubt. Looks like DW won't be useful in week 15 but still a long ways to go until Sunday so you never know
  12. I don't own him but I remember they did an interview and story on him before a SNF or MNF earlier this year and he seemed like a really humble, nice guy. Also had a rough upbringing where I believe his dad raised a bunch of kids in poverty. Very hard not to root for him