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  1. I had Tebow in fantasy one year. He really wasn't good in real life, but he was very good in fantasy. However, from what I remember it seemed like he always started slow and then somehow would turn it on, whether garbage time or actually squeezing wins out of his a**(which he did that year, with a lot of help from his defense). Allen seems the same to me. I swear his stat line is usually grotesque for like 3 quarters but when I check at the end of the game the guy has scored me 20 fantasy points. Edit: before any Allen fans get pissy, I'm not saying he's on the same talent level as Tebow. He just seems to have a knack for sucking balls for most of the game and then churning out a good fantasy line.
  2. MJ was the better defender, and that will be the overwhelming consensus if you polled knowledgeable basketball fans. Is it basically one Lebron fan driving this whole 4 page debate?
  3. From a pure health perspective they should cancel sports seasons for the foreseeable future. It pains me to say that because I live in Washington and Ovechkin doesn't need to lose any more seasons. We may be peaking but there will be a 2nd wave if they open things back up soon. My company is in healthcare and gained access to testing and is seeing tons of staff is positive and asymptomatic. It's tricky because there is no end in sight really, with a vaccine so far away, yet we can't stay locked down forever. But they definitely need to be very careful how they go about it.
  4. It's not that I'm not a Burrow fan long term. Just that rookie QBs sometimes start slow, which wouldn't be ideal for AJG fantasy outlook. Perhaps he'll come out of the gate playing great
  5. My god, this poor bastard. As a keeper owner I don't know how I feel about this. I actually don't mind him in Cincy since he's a target hog when he's healthy and there should be lots of garage time but I'd prefer bad Andy to a rookie QB honestly. But that's not going to happen
  6. There isn't really a reason for him not to smile with his teammates during a dominating win. It's not like he suffered some devastating season ending injury. I wouldn't read much into that as far as his week 16 status.
  7. Every time a thread(usually this thread) gets into this addiction debate it always turns to monkey ****. People are always going to be split on being empathetic towards addicts vs taking the tough love approach so just let it go. Nobody is changing anybody else's mind here.
  8. I’m losing a tight matchup and a Henry dud would be crushing ugh
  9. I can't see myself playing him next weekend even if reports are he looks great. I think I'd need to see a solid game of healthy snaps out of him before I would trust him. I suppose if your team is weak at WR or your league goes until week 17 he may look somewhat attractive.
  10. [...] If you think you have a much stronger team than your opponent and have someone else that's been more reliable lately I can see benching him. Nothing like going into a matchup you think you should win and taking a donut from one of your guys.
  11. Yeah I thought when he came back healthy he’d slide back into low end RB2/high end flex value but his touches were way too low last week in favor of Mostert. I wouldn’t touch him unless seriously desperate
  12. I’m more worried about my slacks after I see the line he posts this weekend