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  1. I have a question I can’t seem to find the answer to anywhere: Why can’t the cowboys interview coaches before January 14th? Is there a rule that’s says you can’t interview a coach until you fire yours? If they want to give Garret some respect and let his contract run out that’s fine but why can’t they interview other coaches until that point.
  2. Looking back is fun, I know I won’t get all but it’s nice that some hit. happy holidays to all
  3. I’m pretty sure he has 2 of the 3 least probable catches this season according to AWS (I may be wrong). The TD catch he made today no one else on that team even comes close to catching and he makes those catches all the time along the sideline. Any other coach/QB/coordinator would see their WR1 lining up across from an UDFA in one on one coverage and force him the ball consistently. Fuller wasn’t traveling last night he was playing a side and sticking to it, but they thought Gallup against an all pro was a better matchup for them to take advantage of. Garret and Moore definitely deserved to lose last night, Cooper had a good game thanks to garbage time and returns to the dome next week where his stats are 4 times what they are on the road. Ramsey is a scary matchup but I heard the same thing about White (8-85) and Alexander (11-226-1).
  4. Forget home/away splits and look at man/zone splits. Indy plays exclusively zone and Winston is the worst QB against zone defenses, for most QBs that would make an auto bench but not Winston. If you have a better option go for it but like always he’ll be around 300 with multiple TDs and Turnovers.
  5. I have a question, has there even been a coach who was fired while the team was leading their division/wildcard? The only close thing I can think of is a few years back when LeBron has David Blatt fired after a 30-11 start and that’s not really close because the Cavs were actually winning. Just seems like a strange situation, you want to fire Garret and you know you’re going to but you can’t fire him yet because he’s still in first place.
  6. Things I don’t understand: 1: Why/How is he able to practice in full all week and then be limited during the actual game. It seems like a smart coach/GM would limit him during practice and use him during the game instead of the other way around, or I guess they could be simply lying about what “full” is. 2: Why do they go so long just plain ignoring their 2nd best player on offense? The only time they really moved the ball excluding the first drive is when they targeted him. 3: As an Eagles fan I’m sad Garret is (finally) getting fired the last 10 years of mediocrity have been an easy bar to get over and an actual coach may make that a lot harder.
  7. 1. I’m assuming you used some sort of site for the buy-in (leaguesafe, etc.) 2. Email the site running the league and see if there’s anything they can do also email the site you paid your buy in to and see if they can do anything.
  8. I more or less assumed the new coach would want his new coordinator. You think a new coach will stick with the same coordinator.
  9. It took Prescott and Moore 55 minutes to give cooper a chance one on one downfield. Garret and Moore will be looking for new jobs next year.
  10. 17 plays and cooper got acknowledged 0 times.
  11. I doubt he’ll be worth much but he’ll be worth more than Minshew who you’ll be able to get back if the Thompson experiment fails. I think McCoy will be ahead of him and when healthy obviously Williams will be too.
  12. A lot depends on health/playing time but if they’re fully healthy and seeing a full workload I would go with 1. Conner 2. Mack 3. Doyle 4. Westbrook Just adjust accordingly based on practice reports over the next couple days
  13. If Howard is ruled out before Sunday at 1 then go with Sanders if Howard is questionable or anything like that OBJ.