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  1. Probably 6/7 turn. If I guarantee one of Saquon or CMC I have an elite RB1 who I don’t have to worry about (minus injury of course but we can’t control that). I believe the Starting chiefs RBs will produce Mid/high RB1 numbers when put together by their games started so if I can get both for a 2/3 and a 6/7 why not.
  2. This statement had nothing to do with talent/schemes and just the broad generalization that just because he’s a first round pick does not mean he will supplant the incumbent RB. And I even said that probably won’t happen, 1st round picks play more often than not. I view CEH as a high end RB2 low end RB1 this year, If I’m picking at the top of round 1 I would have no issue taking CMC/Barkley and getting CEH in round 2/3. Will definitely be trying to handcuff with Williams though.
  3. QB: Murray, Cousins, Hundley RB: Conner, Jones, Samuels, Gio, Edmunds, D-will, Rex, Mckinnon WR: OBJ, Julio, Godwin, Dorsett, Trequan Smith, Flash, Sanu TE: Engram, Gronk, Eifert Picks: 1,2,3 and just acquired pick 15 this year (I’m more than likely taking Bryan Edwards unless Tua falls to me), 2 2021 1sts and a 3rd Defense: Ravens Chiefs
  4. In regards to CEH v Williams for 2020. The chiefs are obviously in a win now mode, once Mahomes gets his mega deal it will be much harder to assemble a team around him, so picks are very valuable to them in their current situation. They used their 1st on a very devalued position, I guess this could be Rashard Penny/CC situation but CEH is going to get used and used a lot this year. Do I see him as high end RB1 probably not, I see his range of outcomes for 2020 as RB8-24 for the season. Drafting him is going to come down to how big of a gamble you are.
  5. My rule of thumb is the shallower the league the more I prioritize top end talent and starting lineups. In an 8 team league most people are going to have a WR1 but having Thomas as your WR1 gives you an advantage. With that in mind; Dak to Watson is a wash Coleman to sanders is a big upgrade OBJ to JT is in my opinion a wash, I know I’m in the minority here but I still think OBJ is a top 5 receiver Kupp to McLaurin is a big downgrade in the short term Kickers and Defenses are kickers and defenses so unless your league has some crazy scoring who cares about them. Bench: Guice and Michel are nice but they’ll never be more than a bye week/terrible injury luck replacements Love Bryan Edwards, I think he has an ability to be a top 15 WR so that was a nice pick. Personally I would rather have your previous team but it’s not like you destroyed your team IMO.
  6. Murray/Cousins Conner Damien Williams Jones (this is where picks 1,2 and 3 come in) Godwin OBJ Julio Gronk Engram And a whole bunch of bench players to fill out our 30 man rosters.
  7. So through trades I now have picks 1-3 in our upcoming rookie draft. I am taking CEH, Taylor and Dobbins but the same guy owns both Ingram and Mack so I was thinking about floating some offers. Assets I have and would be willing to move are PIT RBs (minus McFarland), Ronald Jones (he has the 7th pick and is probably taking Vaughn so Jones makes some sense) and 2 2021 1sts. What do you guys think is a fair offer for those 2 backs. Jones and a 20211st is what I was thinking. As always WHIR.
  8. Hyde is also coming off a pretty major surgery, yes a torn labrum isn’t as big of a deal for RBs as say it is for a WR but Hyde himself may not be ready for week 1. Whoever is the top back in Seattle is automatically a locked in high end RB2 due to their reluctance to turn Wilson loose, so I could see Hyde having a few weeks of RB2 value if Penny/Carson are out but the same could go for Carson and Penny. There are worse late round dart throws than the early season handcuff to a RB in one of the top running offenses in the NFL.
  9. Correct he is signed through 2021. But if Dobbins shows any promise Ingrams contract is easy to get out of come next off season and the ravens can save 4 million. I would say Ingrams done after this year but you never know.
  10. Correct Vanderbilt sucks but in comparison to NFL teams all SEC teams suck as well. I’ll take a player who had 1000+ yards in the NFL last season over a player who was so great in college he had to transfer away from Illinois because he was their RB3. That’s just me though, I don’t see how you can penalize a 22 year for “struggling” against NFL players but give credit to a 22 year old for succeeding against players fresh out of high school.
  11. Redraft: 1. CEH — nothing much to explain here, 1st round pick who landed in the best offense big tier break 2. Akers — Opportunity trumps almost everything and Henderson/Brown is less competition than Mack/Ingram/Johnson 3a. Dobbins — league winning upside in that offense 3b. Taylor — same as above, may not end up with either Taylor or Dobbins in redraft though 5. Swift — like him as a prospect but RBs go to die in DET. Big tier break 6. Dillon — Could be the goaline back in GB if everything breaks right and Jones had about 20 TDs last year so the role could be profitable 7. Gibson — This is a speculative pick about him possibly getting WR eligibility, don’t think he starts but seems like a lock for touches. 8. Vaughn — Don’t like him but he has a chance to be a starting RB Dynasty/keeper 1. CEH — Same as above kinda small tier break 2. Dobbins — Was a huge fan of his game and he went to the top rushing offense in the league 3. Taylor — He and Dobbins are very close but Dobbins get the edge for a higher ceiling in the passing game and less fumbling problems. Don’t really see a high end RB1 when looking at Taylor, more like a top RB2. Tier break 4. Swift — Want to believe in talent but that’s the same thing I’ve said going all the way back to Jahvid Best Tier break 5. Akers — He should be a starting RB but that line scares me and I just don’t feel all that great about him as a prospect 6. Dillon — 2 RBs going into a contract year, a 2nd round pick invested into him by a coach who was Henry’s OC. You could do worse with a late 1st early 2nd Tier break 7. Gibson — Same as above should have a role may be useful some weeks 8. Vaughn — Just not a fan of his, very likely they are in the market for another RB next year *Etienne* so I’m not going to be investing in Vaughn. Similar to Henderson last year.
  12. This actually scares me more than Vaughn to be honest. RBs putting on weight is almost always a bad thing.
  13. Redraft you can’t really bother unless you want to take him instead of a kicker in the final round. I don’t see much if any of a year one impact in Grudens offense. Dynasty I’m really high on him, reminds me of Godwin while on the field so why not for a late 2nd early third.
  14. In leagues I’m drafting now or soon he’ll be in all my teams, he’s a late round pick with decent upside. I still think Cam ends up here after he’s able to get in for a visit/physical and Cam loves big physical receivers, come on BB make it happen.