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  1. My favorite thing is coming into the year the 2 negatives against him were he’s not good in the passing game and he fumbles too much. He’s first in YPR for RBs while catching 16/17 targets and he’s yet to put the ball on the ground. It’s amazing that his biggest issue so far this year is that his offensive line is just not playing good. Should be a pretty solid RB1 ROS
  2. Is edmonds the prototypical RB, no he’s not. But good thing he’s not in your typical NFL offense. This offense is designed to get people open and in space and Edmonds seems like a player you don’t want to have to tackle in space. He will be much better in PPR, if I had to put a number on it I would say close to 50% of his value will come from the passing game. Murray, somehow, is this teams best goal line back and I don’t think this changes with Drake being injured (maybe for the year, maybe for a few weeks we will know soon). TLDR; Edmonds will get a bunch of yard and catches while he’s the starter but TDs will be few and far between. I doubt they get to the 1 and run edmonds; so if he scores it will be a longer TD which are flukey.
  3. I would bench Robinson but none of those are bad options
  4. Mclaurin but woods definitely has a higher floor
  5. A-Rod, Tennessee’s defense has looked good
  6. Probably edmonds he’s been treating more work from drake lately.
  7. League 1: Full PPR do I start OBJ or Cooper League 2: Standard Td heavy and I need 2 RBs, do I go with Davis, CEH or Taylor
  8. That isnt going to stand. He was way past the line.
  9. After the jets, who suck at football but don’t suck against fantasy QBs because who needs to throw against the Jets. His next 5 games are against bottom 10 defenses for opposing QBs in fantasy (DAL, SEAx2, MIA and BUF). Would not surprise me if he’s the QB1 after this stretch.
  10. He’s become 2015 Tyler Eifert. Not bad for fantasy but at some point you stop catching TDs on 30% of your receptions