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  1. I primarily play dynasty and some of the guys trolled me a bit for constantly adding and dropping EQ the past couple seasons, his name doesn't help either. But it doesn't matter. His name could be Equanimeous Munson. The guy is a high upside stash in any format with the potential to be the WR2 in that offense which is humming right now. The guy has better hands than a remember and watch the crushing block at 3:50. The guy is underrated for sure.
  2. I would argue he's the second most talented WR on that roster. Tall, fast, agile and runs good routes. Had good repoire with Rogers as well, before he got hurt. I'm stashing him where I can.
  3. Is that how you wanted me to hear it?
  4. Did he say "Rahmbow Sherbert? Must be that San Fran accent.
  5. Kind of stumbled upon this video. Really like JT O'Sullivan's breakdowns and this one is very good. Haskins is not a good QB at this point, no question, but JT points out pretty clearly that the o-line play is comically bad at times and the overall Washington offensive scheme and play design is questionable as well. I may have to concede to ARob that to some degree maybe Haskins was benched because of performance issues, but at the same time not sure how much success any QB will have in Haskins' situation. He does need a lot of work on his fundamentals, but I still think he's got the potential to be a good QB someday if he can get into a situation where he will get good coaching and the coaching staff actually wants him to succeed. That lame excuse about Haskins not throwing to the endzone on that 4 and 13 play was a complete sh*tshow. Horrible play design. Nobody is open except the guy he threw it to and the ball could have easily been picked off if Haskins goes to the endzone.
  6. Not at all and Sure you can. It's not black and white. Minshew is pretty immature. Farve. Romo. Could go on and on. Immature/inexperienced, but loads of swagger and ability. Leading with work ethic, passion, high energy and by example.
  7. I've heard leaks that he has a "big head"/big ego. He wants to talk the talk but not walk the walk. We actually saw a glimpse of that last season when he missed closing out a game because he was taking pics with fans. Maybe one of those cases where being a first round QB actually got to his head. Wants to be The Man without having to earn it.
  8. He's highly intelligent, good leader by many accounts, but immature and really needed to sit for a year. Went to the wrong franchise. Needs structure and strong leadership in the locker room to keep his ego in check. It's going to be a bad comp, but he's similar to Garrapolo regarding accuracy. Haskins does well when he doesn't need to put touch on the ball. He excels with power throws/linear throws. Deep out, deep slants and crossers, seam routes. He's has underrated mobility, but he's never going to be dual threat. Needs veteran WRs to work with him. Really would do well in a West Coast ball control offense with short and intermediate routes. Would also add a deep passing game element being able to stretch the field occasionally with his cannon arm.... Las Vegas, Jacksonville, or might be good places for him to sit for a year as a back up.
  9. Wrong. I'm arguing that Haskins is playing like a rookie for a dysfunctional franchise, for a team that doesn't want him to succeed and if you can't see that you are blind. Everything is relative and all situations are different. He has not been atrocious. 60%+ completion rate and nearly 1000 yards with a passer rating of over 80 is not atrocious, for most people anyway. Mediocre sure, but not terrible. His stats are similar or slightly better than Lamar Jackson in his rookie year. You are just plain wrong. They don't want Haskins to succeed. It's all spin from Rivera and Schneider. If the new regime though he was the future and wanted him to succeed they would cater to his strengths and build around him. They would design an offense that would emphasize the throws he makes best, etc. They would let him play out the season. They aren't doing that. This "performance based demotion" is a bunch of coach speak horseshit. And you can't compare his situation to Joe Burrow's or Kyler Murray's. They are being totally catered to, having the offenses designed around their skillsets and strengths. Maybe there's something else going on behind the scenes that has pushed Rivera to wash his hands of him because going from QB1 to QB3 is not a lack of perfomance type move. That makes no sense. This is a move that says "we're done with you".
  10. You're kidding right? Trainwreck of an organization. 3rd head coach and offensive system in less than 2 years. It would be hard to find the quarterback with Haskins tenure was really basically a rookie, perform any better then he has to this point. Rivera and his excuses are . Washington isn't going anywhere. They have as much chance of winning the NFC East has the New England Patriots do and of course the Patriots aren't in the NFC East. is going Kyle Allen is going to get clobbered behind that offensive line. He's a game manager and it serves no purpose to start him. Smith is going to be the only quarterback on that roster that's going to have a decent performance under the circumstances and that's only if his leg holds up.
  11. Unlike a few people here I don't have a crystal ball. Can't see the future and not sure if Haskins will be any good, but the benching has very little to do with performance and more to do with the new regime having a different vision (see Justin or Trey). Haskins was playing behind a bottom 5 offensive line, weak receiving core outside of McLaurin, new offense, no training camp. Talk about being set up to fail.
  12. Glad somebody is giving this podcast some love. One of the best football related podcasts out there, in large part because of the Aaron Rodgers sessions. The first one they did this season was the best. AJ was trolling Rodgers on broing up with LeFleur and got Rodgers to break. So funny.