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  1. Sorry for the delay. I haven't been frequenting the boards to often lately. Thanks for the kudos, but the draft was so deep and I just happened to have a really lousy team last season and some extra high picks lol. Guys left on the board after 2.09 were Ruggs, Regan, Vaughn, Higgins. The guy before me nabbed Mims which was the sexy pick, but I was really starting to come around to Jefferson, especially after Chris Sims gave him a glowing review. Said he was a smaller, but more athletic version of Mike Thomas. Good combine and good route running. I ended up trading back into the 4th round to tak a dice roll on Jalen Hurts. Maybe he'll be the next dual threat sensation if Wentz gets hurt again. Also added Harrison Bryant with my 5th rounder. Good luck with the season.
  2. Ended up keeping him. With any luck he will equal last season's production because of Rugg's presence tilting coverage. I have one more pick in my draft mentioned above (5.01) Here's my haul: 1.09 Justin Jefferson 2.01 Michael Pittman 2.09 Chase Claypool 3.01 Darrynton Evans I don't have a 4th rd. pick, but trying to trade up to get Jalen Hurts as a taxi squad stash, but not trying that hard.
  3. Mims got nabbed at 1.08 so I went Justin Jefferson at 1.09. I read up on him and someone gave him a Michael Thomas comp. Slightly smaller, but more athletic. Good routes, good hands, wins in the slot or outside,etc. Sounds like a player that would be a good fit with Cousins
  4. I watched Waller a lot last season and Moreau almost always got the end zone looks. Waller would have to hope he got a seam route from 20 yards out just to score. I might still try to move him for pick 1.12, but I won't care a bit if the trade doesn't make.
  5. Trade didn't work out anyway. Just concerned he's going to lose targets to Jeudy and Renfro among others. Plus they don't seem to target Waller in the endzone a whole lot. Got him off waivers last year so playing with house money anyway. Happy to keep him as well.
  6. Pretty much unanimous here. Not really gaining anything moving up 2 spots and pick 19 is not fair value for Deebo, not even close.
  7. Trying to trade Waller for the 1.11. The guy is mulling it over.
  8. If thngs break right I'll get to chose between Regan, Mims or Vaughn. Leaning Regan just based on his speed, game breaking ability and draft capital, but Mims just has so much upside. Vaughn would be a great add as well.
  9. I ended up getting Chark, 1.09, and Higbee for my 1.01 and Jonnu Smith. I'm rebuilding so in a deep draft it made sense for me. My RB's are Mixon, Miles Sanders, Mack and Mosert. WRs of note are now Chark and Deebo. TEs are Higbee, Waller, Herndon and Jarwin. QBs are Big Ben, Minshew, Lock and Haskins. I also have 4 picks in the first 25 slots of our rookie draft today (dynasty PPR). Good luck guys.
  10. Forgot to mention this is dynasty btw. Yeah, I'd be getting Chark. I like him as a prospect, but I am essentially giving up drafting Jeudy/CEH/Taylor/Lamb/etc. for a guy I haven't really watched much beyond the highlights. But by all accounts the guy has that crazy drive to be an alpha WR1. I already own Minshew so that's a plus, but I also own Drew Lock so I could pair him with Jeudy (although the WR/TE depth chart in DEN is getting pretty crowded. I countered back asking for Chark, the 1.09 and $100 ww as a sweetener. Hopefully he takes it. I figured 1.09 could net me a good WR or RB prospect. This years class is crazy deep.
  11. CSB disclaimer. I've got Kittle, Waller and Higbee starting and Noah Fant on my taxi squad in a dynasty flex league with 1.5 ppr for TEs...my plums are getting swole just thinking about next season.
  12. Got whipped by 39 points. The guy had Miles Sanders and Julio. Ballsy idea to sit Cooper but just couldn't do it. Starting Higbee in his place would have got me closer but still would have lost. GL if you are still in the money.
  13. Sounds weird, but considering bumping Waller.
  14. I actually have Kittle and Waller on the same team and have actually thought about starting 3 TEs but it's hard to pass up Slayton's upside. Another idea would be to bump Waller for Higbee. So tough to decide. 2QB League. Pick 9 Garoppolo, Jimmy SFO QB Wilson, Russell SEA QB Elliott, Ezekiel DAL RB Henry, Derrick TEN RB Cooper, Amari DAL WR Moore, D.J. CAR WR Slayton, Darius NYG WR Higbee, Tyler LAR TE Kittle, George SFO TE Waller, Darren OAK TE