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  1. Hopefully you didnt do it. Neither of those two trades were good trades for you.
  2. Freeman JD/Rendon (depending on 1st pick) Devers Flaherty JV (too much risk right now for a 2nd rd. If healthy I probably would have it 2-3 in that list.
  3. Assuming those top 4, I would go Mookie without a doubt.
  4. Urias Riley Chavis Hays hillard
  5. As much as I would hate to trade Yelich away, i think you have to do this trade. I think even you offense improves with this trade, definitely a significant overall team depth improvement.
  6. Yes, for me yes. It was a pain owning him last year through his ridiculous struggle, then getting hurt when he was finally doing better. Based on last year, I see him as risky in both performance and injury potential. I feel like the overall risk of the rest of the guys is significantly lower. I know, I need to learn to not hold grudges. Lol
  7. Soto Trea Turner JD Martinez Baez Strasburg JRam
  8. You can put it for a vote for near term solution then get approval to have a system in place so divisions for the following season are defined (balanced) by the standings the year prior.
  9. Yes! I have some guys like that in my main league. They get so in love with prospects and hype that they have to have them. Lol.