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  1. Yes, Rex burkhead is the starting running back now.... ..and pigs are flying around everywhere. 🙄
  2. A quote from mike 5 days ago: ”“I’m getting guys out, so I’m not worried about [the velocity drop],” Foltynewicz said. “I’ve just got to get my off-speed where it needs to be. The fastball command has been good. They hit a couple balls well today, but it’s mostly been my slider that hasn’t been working.”” Reinforces what St. Steven said last week. Over time he’ll figure it out. Just thought I trust tonight...
  3. The question you got to ask is how much do you like your current OFs and 1Bs. I think bell is playing better than walker at this point, so if you want one of Frazier or franmil, drop walker at this point. But if you want both in your lineup, I think Lowe has to go. please help with mine?
  4. Montas is probably the right call. I would probably stay the course with buttrey for now, last night was situational as to why he didn’t get a save. Can you help with mine please?
  5. Thanks for the help! i gotta agree that franmil is probably the right choice. My second choice would be soler. as for the 2b/ss - polanco has been very solid this year as a mild contributor to every category. I have him as my Ss / U backup on one team. Schoop is probably my second choice. And I was high on profar at the beginning of the year, but his April made me lose all my faith in him...
  6. I give up Lucchesi and get Folty. Lucchesi is 3-2 with 36Ks in 36 IP, but 5 ERA Folty just got IL but hasn’t had the best two starts. the higher ceiling is Folty, and Lucchesi has been rocked lately... am I crazy for hesitating? What’s the better long play? post a link to yours and ill 100% hep in return...
  7. So are we giving up on this guy? Droppable??? jk I was just offered him in a trade. I think I’ll accept. Good buy low candidate...
  8. I picked this guy up on a whim a couple weeks ago to stick in my NA spot, thinking he would get more time to season in AAA, but honestly, what is his ceiling this year at 21? is it .280/10/60 with maybe 5 or 6 SBs? i think I’m gonna go get kieboom and stick him in the NA for now instead...
  9. I’m thinking he finally gets the elusive TD he’s been missing the past two weeks
  10. I’m really mad at Rotoworld for not eating crow after saying that Alston should be sat. Yes, it was ultimately my choice, but I feel as if this site has been wrong more times than not this year. im done for a while with these “experts”
  11. So so how we feeling about Brice, still got the starting job or is jones coming back into the equation? Anyone else realize Foster is back this week and looking to start him against the KC dream offenae that seems to be on the field all day? Given his terrible week 2 stat line, are you still sure that his numbers weren’t just inflated because of Jared cooks overusage in week 1?
  12. If he is out for more than 2 weeks, I’ve oficially found my new favorite player to hate for the rest of eternity... thanks for walking me back from the ledge
  13. I think the biggest difference in this comparison is garappolo > Mitch Trub. i think the problem with the hype and assessments from preseason for burton is that it assumed Mitch would be good enough to at least get quality throws to his safety valve in the middle. Problem is, the assumption may not prove to be true. obviously it’s way way too early to throw the towel in on trubisky. But he inspired very little confidence in GB
  14. Cole also kills the Giants each year. I’m starting him as my flex this week with confidence