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  1. I don't think he makes the team. Adams. Funchess. Lazard. MVS. Kumerow. ESB is more likely to get cut than have fantasy value.
  2. This dude isn't even worth a roster spot in deep dynasty leagues. WTF?
  3. Somebody is going to be the backup, and that person would siphon some snaps. Whether it ended up being Penny, Dallas, McCoy, Hyde or any other FA, none of them would keep Carson from being a 250+ carry workhorse. It's a good landing spot for Hyde because Carson has huge health red flags, but if the latter stays healthy, he's still going to be a beast in real life and fantasy.
  4. It literally is. Penny is nowhere near healthy. Homer is not a feature back. Dallas is a mid round rookie. They have to roster a backup RB. If they'd signed McCoy, would you have said the same? Lamar Miller? Lynch?
  5. Omg, a 30 year old backup RB! How could Carson possibly have any value left?
  6. Doesn't even have a thread. Everyone loves Scary Terry and all the pass catching RBs on Washington. Plus, the team actually has a good coach and they didn't bring in any real competition at QB. How is Haskins not a great value QB2 with breakout upside?
  7. "Wow, nice hurdle"... *Starts to scroll down thread"... "Wait, is he still running?!!"
  8. He's a third string RB. Maybe he becomes a star one day, but right now he's pretty fantasy irrelevant. About as interesting as Bo Scarborough.
  9. I think the best comp for AJ is what Diggs did on the Vikings. WR2 with enough talent to blow up for stretches while also having a weak floor because of overall passing volume. The plus is obviously that he doesn't have a Thielen to steal targets.
  10. Kupp is obviously way better, but opportunity is crucial for fantasy production. Getting an every down WR in this offense for free is insane value.
  11. The Los Angeles Times' Gary Klein notes that Rams WR Josh Reynolds is "on track" to join Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp as a full-time starter. With Brandin Cooks no longer around, the Rams undoubtedly project for a higher rate of two-tight end sets and Klein suggests it's Reynolds, rather than No. 57 overall pick Van Jefferson, who has a leg up as the team's No. 3. Reynolds does offer experience in that role, averaging 90 percent of offensive snaps in the 10 games either Cooper Kupp or Cooks missed the past two years, but there are only so many holes to fill even if the Rams do opt to lean on Tyler Higbee and Gerald Everett simultaneously. Perhaps Reynolds will push Kupp, who inexplicably logged only 64 percent of Los Angeles' snaps in his last eight games, on the outside. It's a position to monitor throughout camp. This is exactly what I've been saying. There's a very real chance that Reynolds is on the field significantly more than Kupp. Kupp could see 70% of the snaps, and Reynolds could see 90%. I know it's dumb, but they like to take Kupp off the field in 2 wide sets, even when Cooks has been hurt.
  12. Jones was a superstar playing 60% of the snaps last year. That number isn't going down unless you expect Williams and a rookie to get the plurality of the snaps.
  13. I'm pretty sure he considers Shenault better. This time of year people assume every rookie is going to be immediately handed a starting job. Half of these guys, if not more than half, will do nothing as rookies. How did Harry, Isabella, JJAW, Butler, Henderson, Justice Hill, etc work out last year?
  14. Boyd is fine. Sutton is fine. Gallup is fine. Aaron Jones is fine. Henderson was always going to be a committee back. Ingram is probably still a fine RB2 for one more year, which is where he was at anyway. I wouldn't panic about Singletary, but the jury was already out on him being a feature back. Mack obviously takes a big hit. As does Kerryon. Justice Hill is probably done, but he was a deep lotto ticket anyway. Most of these guys are fine. The overreaction to rookies this year is off the charts. I'm buying Sutton, Boyd, Gallup, Jones, etc anywhere I can right now.
  15. Top 6-8 running back with upside to single-handedly win your matchup any given week.