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  1. Fair. His volume is down a bit, but not a lot. He also just hasn't had many longer receptions this year, which is hurting him. I know he's not Marquise Brown, but he's a great YAC player and does run the occasional deep route. If he were getting 6 for 75 instead of 6 for 45 games, we'd be having a different conversation. I think those games are still coming.
  2. Sure. Higgins is a savvy route-runner type with limited athleticism and good hands. His game is short routes. He should be a 5 for 50 type. DPJ is bigger and much faster and is more likely to hit a big play or to get in the end zone period. More boom bust than Higgins.
  3. He's one of just 15 WRs in the league with 50+ targets. Volume is NOT a problem. Like I said, he's just been unlucky.
  4. Chiefs might win by 40 points... per quarter.
  5. On pace for 85 receptions and almost 1000 yards, despite a couple of clunkers. His role hasn't really changed. He's just been unlucky. Still would guess something like 90 catches,1100 yards, and 8 TDs by the end of the year.
  6. Higgins is the PPR play, DPJ is the standard play.
  7. I wonder if it's not sell time right now! If you shop him next week, everyone knows AB and Godwin are coming. If you sell this week, you can sell on the opportunity for a blow up spot this week. If you can get a reliable WR2 for the ROS in exchange for Evans before Sunday, it would probably be wise.
  8. For me it's 50-50. Some trades work out great, some blow up in my face. I don't think trading makes me more or less likely to win, because it all likely balances out. However, it does make fantasy more fun, so why not do it?
  9. You can still get screwed over in all play. In fact, now every other team can potentially screw you over, not just the one randomly selected team that you're playing "against".
  10. Tell your league to switch to all-play. It's superior to head-to-head in every way. It's more fair, more exciting, and makes more sense.
  11. Browns would be cool. Saints would relegate him to situational deep threat when everyone is healthy. Patriots are a dumpster fire.
  12. WR3 is a joke. Solid WR2 at worst. More low end WR1, high end WR2.
  13. Super Flex. Bears at home against the Saints next week.
  14. Have to decide whether to start Foles at SF next, or just put in some random extra flex WR/RB.