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  1. 12 hours ago, GottaGetTheWin said:

    Goff isn't the answer.  The organization knows that and knows the f'ed up by giving him that contract off 1 good year.  There's not much they can do though.  I'm not sure what the cap hit would be to move on from him, but I don't see them in a position to trade for Stafford or Watson.  They aren't going to sign Dak and they aren't in a position to draft one of the top ones.  They are pretty much stuck because Goff is still better than a lot of the other garbage out there.  

    Laugh if you want, but I think Wolford is a legitimate candidate to be the starter in 2021. He throws the ball as well as Goff, and can run. He makes the team better. Goff is quickly going down the Bortles, Trubisky career path. 

  2. 14 hours ago, SyNdicateZ said:

    In a dynasty league who wins the following trade? PPR

    SIDE A : gets Micheal Thomas and Marlon Mack

    SIDE B : gets Ceedee Lamb


    which side wins?

    Thomas and Mack.

    Lamb is a really good young player, but Thomas can win people championships next year. 

  3. 1 hour ago, kdko said:


    All i'm saying is it's not some huge upgrade at the position.  I don't think this is the fit that somehow gets the Colts over the hump.  If he were signed to the colts, for all fantasy intents and purposes he probably has a good year, but they'll underperform again in real life like they did this year.

    If the Colts sign Stafford, I'd consider calling them the second best team in the conference. Either them, or Buffalo. 

  4. Just now, kdko said:

    Not really.  Stafford is not a significant upgrade to Rivers in any metric.  What Stafford has in age, he lacks for in football acumen.

    Their statistics were almost dead even in 2020. The metric that proves Stafford is the better QB is surrounding talent. Look at what Stafford had to work with last season. Awful coaching. No real weapons. Bad line. No running game. Terrible defense. Rivers on that Lions team would have had a disaster of a season. 

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  5. 15 minutes ago, Dirty Little Birdie said:

    smh. forgot about mr. brogdon for a second. i still consider him a must own depending on the length of time sabonis has to miss. 

    As a Pacer fan, trust Goga at your own peril. He's not particularly good, and is more likely to break something than to break out. 

  6. 5 minutes ago, Joe Mama said:

    Yeah they need to add some at least some playmakers including at least one stud wr prob more but could do it. Also 8 or 9 guys opted out b/c of COVID. And they won 7 games with a QB who was unable to complete a 20 yard pass.

    It would be the best defense Stafford has ever had, but also the worst offense. They have nothing. They need to add two outside WRs, at least one pass-catching TE, and a RB. That's a lot to ask in one offseason. 

  7. Just now, PisEdiRin said:

    1 Super Bowl appearance.

    37 years old.

    Nearing the end.


    Anyways, this Bucs-Pack game is the classic example of a QB's statline not telling the whole story.

    Look at Brady's statline. Look at Rodgers' statline.

    Rodgers had the much better statline.

    Brady was the better QB.


    1) Who dictated the tempo/flow? Brady

    2) Who was better at Situational Football? Brady


    Today, nobody is talking about the fact that Rodgers put up a much better statline than Brady; everybody is talking about the fact that Brady BEAT Rodgers head2head. QBs are judged on Winning, in the long run, over the long term.


    You're a casual fan so you won't understand that tho.

    I actually 100% agree with the 2nd half of this. Brady had the much better game. Rodgers made terrible decisions in the red zone all game. Other than the one bad drop by Adams, he didn't do anything right when it mattered most.

    My issue is with the hyperbolic assessment that Rodgers is a choker. He won a Super Bowl. He's made it to several championship games. He's undoubtedly one of the best few QBs of his generation. Yesterday was just not his day. And how about some kudos to the TB defense too.

  8. 19 minutes ago, PisEdiRin said:

    Aaron Rodgers is a big-game choker.

    He doesn't have the mental toughness or the fire to win. 

    In big games, he's ok with "Well I did my part"....instead of going above and beyond to will his team to victory.

    What a disappointing career relative to his talent. He could have been so much more...but nope. It's all over.

    This guy has only made ONE Super Bowl? Like, seriously? ONE???????

    Let's check out the list of QBs who have won more Super Bowls than Aaron Rodgers since he became a starter. Ahem...

    Tom Brady.

    The end.

    I know you're just trying to provoke people, but you're not very good at this. 


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  9. 2 minutes ago, SyNdicateZ said:

    Patriots get Stafford or, JimmyG...cause Bill loves Jimmy G


    I wouldnt want JimmyG in NE tho. ugh

    Would Stafford be down for NE. Seems crazy, but that's not really a win-now situation. I think Stafford is going to insist on landing in a better situation. 

  10. This is promising to be the most chaotic offseason for QB movement in recent memory.

    The following teams either have no QB, or badly need an upgrade. 





    New England



    NY Jets


    *Houston (assuming Watson is gone) 

    *Niners (If they are done with Jimmy G)

    *Miami (if they don't trust Tua)

    ** Pittsburgh (if Big Ben is done)

    ** Atlanta (if they move on from Matt Ryan)

    ** Carolina (if you aren't buying Teddy Ballgame as a franchise QB)

    ** Rams (if the reports of a rift between McVay and Goff are true)

    That's somewhere between a third, and as much as half the league that could be searching for a new starting QB.

    Outside of Dak, a few promising rookies, and the vets who appear certain to get traded, there aren't many QB's available on the FA market. So how do you see this all shaking out. What are your bold predictions for the offseason. Who will find themselves out of a job, and who will find themselves starting in a new location. What teams will end up with an empty chair?

  11. 10 minutes ago, The G Man said:

    Spot on on both counts.

    I was and still am equally perplexed.

    The first question has an easy answer. ARod has been force feeding Adams at all costs the entire season. Again, Adams had more red zone targets than every single WR combined on some teams. He wasn't even considering running or throwing to anyone but Adams in the red zone yesterday. 

    As for the decision to kick the field goal.... coaches are dumb. I have no other explanation. 

  12. Just now, JoeJoe88 said:

    He wasn’t fully extended at all and he had more than fingertips on the ball lol. No, It wasn’t a great throw but I think you guys are letting your personal feelings for Brady blind you. 

    I have nothing against Brady. In fact, if you go to his thread, I've been defending him (he helped me win a 'ship this year!).

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