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  1. Hmm.. could be wind knocked out of him. Could be broken ribs. Thanks for the updates.
  2. ESPN says Jones was injured on the fumble. Was it bad? Not watching.
  3. It was really a brilliant play call. Everyone in the stadium was anticipating a quick sideline route to get the Bucs into fg position. Baller move to fake it and go deep.
  4. Lmao!!! Once a game they throw that bomb to Miller. 2nd time all year it's worked.
  5. 13 seconds left. Either you get a first down and kick a fg or the Packers get the ball back with almost no time.
  6. The hold didn't make the interception happen. It probably should have drawn a flag, but that's not why he got the pick.
  7. They were the best run defense in the league last year. The secondary has improved a lot, but this defense already had some nice pieces.
  8. You must not have watched a lot of Packers this year. It's been throw, throw, throw, from in close all year.
  9. Rodgers will get a cheapy TD pass to Adams. Book it.
  10. As soon as the football hits the ground at the goal line, the play is dead. You can't return that if it hits the ground. I believe.
  11. Oh, gotcha. I think you were on the right track. He hasn't announced yet, but I think it's a pretty safe bet.
  12. The hell you didn't! You argued Trubisky is a better QB than Watson because he has a better record. You said wins/losses isn't a team stat, it's a QB stat. You said good QBs will win games no matter what the rest of the team looks like. "No excuses".
  13. You must not be familiar with the poster you quoted. He believes that NFL win/losses are 100% the result of QB play and nothing else is even a factor.
  14. I agree that Brees dragging his corpse out there for another year would be bad news for the entire Saints organization. But, I don't feel like that's likely. FWIW, you went from "MT won't be good because he won't have Brees" to "MT won't be good because he might have Brees again".
  15. Go back and watch the Lions Bucs game. Look at how that Lions team performed with a serviceable backup on the field. That team was an utter utter disaster. Worst defense in the NFL. Marvin Jones was the number 1 WR. Bad coaching. Bad playcalling. The fact that the team didn't go 0-16 is a testament to how solid Stafford still is.
  16. Thomas had 30 catches in 4 games with Hill (including the joke of a "game" against Denver where the Broncos had no QB). Again, that's a 120 catch pace anyway. If you want to worry about his points per game dipping because he didn't happen to catch any TDs in that handful of games, then okay... I guess. But I really doubt he'd catch 0 TDs on 120 grabs. So yes, Thomas was awesome with Hill this year, albeit in a pretty small sample. Michael Thomas is currently 27 years old. The general consensus on age of decline for WRs is around 29-30. So he should have another year or two at his peak.
  17. Sean Peyton isn't going to let his golden boy go. Like it or not, Hill is your opening day QB for the Saints in 2021. Plenty of suitors for Stafford. Niners already in the mix. I'm going to semi-boldly predict he goes to the Broncos.
  18. He's been amazing with Bridgewater and Taysom Hill, so I don't think it's all Brees. Plus, we haven't seen Brees support other WR1s outside of Colston years ago.
  19. He had 125 receptions, 1400 yards, and 9 TDs in 2018. Kamara played 15 games in 2018. So... no.
  20. Fortunately for the Bucs, the Packers deep threat, MVS, is more likely to drop the ball than catch it.
  21. Honestly, if they hire Bienemy and resign Fuller, and add at least one more weapon on offense, staying in Houston might be as good of an outcome for Watson's fantasy outlook as anything.
  22. 33% target share with Hill at QB. MT will be just fine.
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