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  1. I have a feeling Thomas is going to be hilariously underrated next year. He's been one of the best WRs in football for years, regardless of who's been under center. He had one bad year where he battled injuries and had a washed QB. He should still be a top tier WR1.
  2. I know he caught himself there, but HOW do these defenders always bite after it's so obviously a hard count.
  3. ESPN's app had that as a TD pass from Brady to Succup. I knew it had to be an error, but I was really hoping, lol.
  4. I believe pressure forced Baker to get rid of the ball. But they were still alive on 4th and 9. That's absolutely a scenario where they had to go for it.
  5. Not to be a broken record, but the game was over when Cleveland punted with one timeout and 4:00 left.
  6. This is what they signed up for by punting. Apparently, they feel confident they can go 90 yards in a minute with no timeouts. Otherwise, they wouldn't have punted.
  7. Cleveland should have gone for it. You have to get a 3 and out now. If you go for it and don't get it, you also have to get a 3 and out. At least give yourself a chance to pick it up.
  8. Yeah, that's my favorite landing spot. I may drop a few bucks on a Watson for MVP bet if that happens.
  9. Wasn't watching the game. Was the pick six clearly on him?
  10. Houston had the dead last rushing efficiency by DVOA, and the 3rd worst defense overall. They had the 8th best passing offense. It's really amazing how great Watson was with no help.
  11. Don't trust Goff to lead another scoring drive, but the Packers sure let them back in the game.
  12. I don't know why teams don't use the hook and lateral WAY more often. Not just near the goal line, but anywhere. Feel like that little pitch is worth good for a massive gain almost all the time. The idea is that it's too risky, but RBs take pitches on running plays all the time. It's the same concept.
  13. They actually ran the ball from the one. My jaw is on the floor.
  14. Kupp as well. Rams offense is never the same when he doesn't play.
  15. Peyton Manning had a 3-13 season. And another 6-10 season. No excuses. Peyton Manning was terrible. John Elway had a 4-6 season, and another 5-11 season. No excuses. John Elway sucked. Steve Young had a 2-12 season. No excuses..... You get it. Your thesis falls apart at the slightest bit of scrutiny.
  16. Justin Herbert started his NFL career 2-9, guess he's trash! Joe Burrow 2-7-1, looks like the Bengals got a bust. Matt Ryan 4-12, so he must be garbage. Here's a fun one. Philip Rivers has seasons of: 4 wins, 5 wins (twice), 7 wins, 8 wins (twice), 9 (four times), 11 wins (twice), 12 wins, and 14 wins. So, I guess Rivers is simultaneously an awesome, average, and terrible QB. By your logic, anyway.
  17. I don't even know how to begin to respond to this... MLB also keeps track of wins/losses for pitchers. Watson is the equivalent of a pitcher with a 2.5 ERA and 200 strikeouts, but a losing record. Would you say that pitcher isn't elite? No, of course not. There's only so much he can control. I've already pointed out that other all-time great QBs have had bad record seasons because they had little talent around them. However, if you want to hand-wave history, you don't have to look beyond this year. Matt Ryan was also 4-12 this year. Justin Herbert, who had the greatest rookie seaso
  18. Fun fact: The Packers have called passing plays on 200 consecutive plays from the goal line. Okay, I'm making that number up, but they NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER run the ball at the goal line. Ever! Maybe defenses will figure that out at some point.
  19. There isn't a take in sports that I disagree with more. QBs don't win games, teams win games. I could go through the list of great QBs from Peyton Manning, to John Elway, to Matt Ryan, etc. who have had horrible seasons by record. Watson completed over 70% of his passes and had a 112 QB rating, while "padding" his stats. We can argue about Cooks and Fuller, but this is unquestionably not an elite offense around Watson. Yet, his numbers are objectively elite, however you slice it. Furthermore, Watson has no control over the defense being dog doo.
  20. Some of this is awful (MT outside of the top ten WRs!), but I think they have Jefferson in the right spot. He's definitely in that mid tier WR1 group.
  21. I'd put it at 85-15, he's gone. Not quite 100-0. There also might just not be any team willing to pay massive bucks for a RB, andd returning to GB may be the best move if money isn't as much of a factor.
  22. The good thing here is that Nate plays his starters a lot! Maybe that changes when Lamb and Warren are back, but Sabonis and Brogdon both play 37-38 minutes per game. LeVert could come in and play 36+ minutes per game immediately.
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