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  1. Possibly. I wouldn't be so certain though. It's really easy for NFL teams to restructure contracts to move money around. Being "over the cap" isn't a death sentence as far as resigning players.
  2. Chargers make very little sense, as they have Ekeler as a do it all back. Would they relegate him to a backup role, or go 1A-1B with him and Jones. That seems unlikely. Broncos are a possibility, but they gave 16 million dollars to Melvin Gordon. I doubt they'd hand out another massive RB contract while they still have Gordon. Jags and Bengals already have franchise backs. Honestly, seems like going back to the Pack is the most likely scenario, IMO.
  3. I mean, he plays at about a 300 touch pace every single year. If someone like CMC or Henry approaches 400 touches, good for them. But that doesn't make a 300 touch volume any less elite.
  4. Seahawks and Steelers seem unlikely to me. Both teams have FA RBs. If they aren't willing to pay up to keep their own guy, I doubt it's because they are going to pay even more for the most expensive back on the market. On the flip side, Arizona seems more like a definite suitor. Drake is probably gone, as he's been a big disappointment, for the most part. Edmonds has consistently looked good though, and they could move forward with him, plus cheaper options. Most likely seem like the Falcons, Dolphins, Jets (sorry), or Cardinals. IF he doesn't stay in GB.
  5. Packers 28 Rams 24 Ravens 27 Bills 20 Chiefs 34 Browns 26 Bucs 31- Saints 20
  6. Man, they better go barking up a different (coaching) tree!
  7. Jags. Lions. Decimated Texans team. Injury riddled Vikings defense. They never stopped sucking, the schedule just got really soft. Montgomery has always been a really good RB. Trubisky is awful. The line is bad. Hence, the Saints game.
  8. Probably. If Carson is resigned, I don't even mind them riding him. They just need to be more creative when they do throw the ball. As you've said, the 1980s style attack ain't cutting it. Metcalf and Lockett are good enough to survive, even in a medium volume passing offense.
  9. ... and, he's fired. Good times ahead.
  10. Right, and TDs are incredibly unpredictable. Lockett had 18 red zone targets this year, AJ Brown had 15. I'm not saying draft Lockett over Brown, but they likely put up similar numbers next year, outside of TDs. Lockett had 10 TDs this year, and is a great TD scorer over his career. If Brown is going to be a high 2nd rounder, and Lockett goes in the 7th, it's pretty clear who the better value is.
  11. Right, but 10 points is a big spread in any playoff game. The Bucs only beat WFT by 8 points. The Chiefs could win the game fairly easily, and still not cover 10. Something like 35-27, with Cleveland scoring a "too little, too late" TD is realistic. The Browns could also just possibly keep the game close throughout.
  12. They'll be a good team, but I don't think Watson puts up amazing numbers there. The defense is already good, but there just aren't many weapons on offense. Parker is maybe a number two WR on a good offense, and Preston is whatever. Geisiki is a good TE, but not elite. They need at least two more big time offensive players on that offense.
  13. Yeah, it's hard not to fade this whole offense, outside of maybe Carson (if he resigns). Kind of depends how far Lockett falls. If you can draft him as a WR3/4 because no one wants to touch him, I still think he offers upside there.
  14. For Watson's sake, I really hope it isn't Miami. Unless they sign Golladay or ARob or something as well. That just doesn't feel like a good fit. I'm still holding out hope for the Niners.
  15. WR23 according to my PPR league settings. That to me, is his absolute floor. Low end WR2 with some dominate your week boom games.
  16. AJ Brown had TEN games with five catches or fewer. 7 games with 62 yards or fewer. And he missed two games. 5 for 55 every week equals 80 catches for 900 yards. People act like those numbers are garbage and they aren't.
  17. Agreed. Cleveland plus 10 seems like a great bet. Not a gambling man, but that one is sort of tempting. Could totally see KC starting slow and winning a close game.
  18. If you take away his biggest 2 or 3 games, and worst 2 or 3 games... he still averaged almost 6 catches and 8 targets per game. That's hardly forgotten!
  19. The owner likes Wentz. Pederson liked Hurts. That was the divide. Any number of things could happen between now and week 1 2021, but it seems like the organization wants to give Wentz another shot.
  20. Eagles had to decide between Wentz and Pederson. Looks like they chose Wentz. That likely means Hurts will be a backup/gadget player next year, not a starting QB.
  21. This is the most negative thread ever for a guy who had 100/1000/10 season. Everything is going to regress to the mean next year. He won't repeat those 2 insane monster games, but he probably also won't have quite as many duds. He's still going to go for 85-90 catches and 1000 yards next year. Plus, Wilson likes him in the red zone. WR2 with a high ceiling. And no one is going to want to touch him. I actually think he's going to be a good value next year.
  22. Imagine I told you Big Ben would throw for 500 yards and 4 TDs, and the Steelers wouldn't even be in the game.
  23. The one in the endzone was deflected right in front of him. That's a really hard play to make. I think Hooper has enough of a track record to prove he can catch the football.
  24. Yeah, all of this is indefensible, other than the top point attempts.
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