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  1. Since the question is for just this year, Allison.
  2. It took a long time for me to notice the Eagles signed Kamar Aiken and Markus Wheaton too. But Mike Wallace was actually worthwhile enough to get reported by sports media.
  3. Not sure why people are thinking he's gonna be a thing this year, he only got so much volume last season because they literally had no WRs and he was their starting slot WR for most of the year. He's buried fools gold.
  4. It sorta ruins it for me in dynasty that Chris Carson is still under contract for 3 years and they are coached by Pete Carroll and Brian Schottenheimer and have no offensive line.
  5. Yeah Shaheen figured to play a decent role in this offense, especially in the redzone. Burton is going to be on the field for every down and be heavily leaned on now. His value shoots up. That being said, the Broncos are total a** at covering TEs and Allen Robinson only played 1 series and Taylor Gabriel didn't play, so it makes sense. Burton still looked extremely good so people should definitely get excited about him.
  6. Browns have a clueless front office with more cap space than they know what to do with. That being said, Dez is coming in with no knowledge of the offense, no reps with the QBs, in just as bad of "football shape" as Josh Gordon would be, and most importantly as I think most would agree, is in steep decline, if not completely washed up. Josh Gordon has the talent to make Dez Bryant this year's Adrian Peterson whining his a** on the sideline for playing time unless he's in jail week 1 (hell, I think Callaway could possibly do the same). Rich people, professional athletes and celebrities have a way of avoiding incarceration where us average folks just can't. If the Dez news makes Josh Gordon's ADP go into freefall, by god I'm gonna scoop this man up.
  7. Devante Parker is sort of the definition of a roster clogger. Compiles just enough stats that he probably shouldn't be on waivers, but you wanna run to the nearest toilet and throw up at the thought of having to ever start him. Sadly that might not be the case this season since he'll probably lose his starting job to Albert Wilson. I only draft WRs with souls. That means no gingers and no Devante Parker.
  8. Adam Schefter reported on twitter that it is only a muscle strain. Thank baby jesus for this miracle.
  9. You are letting a bunch of hyperbole get in your head, here's the deal. Anyone who expected Jerick Mckinnon to be a bell-cow back this season was either delusional or unaware of the definition of the word. Jerick Mckinnon all along was said to be in the "Devonta Freeman" role in the offense. Devonta Freeman is *NOT* a bell-cow. Tevin Coleman is still plenty involved in the offense. Doesn't mean Freeman isn't extremely good in fantasy, particularly PPR. Mckinnon can also be really effective the same way, but I don't think anyone should have ever expected Mckinnon to be some 320+ carry RB, and that's ok. Don't hit the panic button because some random ESPN jagoff put out a flashy headline, he's telling us what we all already knew. And I'd take Mckinnon over Ajayi, as I expect Sproles and Clement to siphon off more work than the fantasy community expects.
  10. I was thinking the same thing but figured there was something I missed. I remember vividly the many touchdowns Gore had vultured from him by the likes of Anthony Dixon in SF...and then Robert Turbin in Indy. Worse news for Drake owners, I wouldn't be surprised if Kalen Ballage is the Robert Turbin/Anthony Dixon of the group and pisses off owners of both guys.
  11. Personally I think Hyde is gone next year and Chubb will be sharing a backfield with Duke Johnson. I really like Chubb long term, short term I don't think you'll be able to get much use out of him. Kerryon Johnson still has Blount and Theo Riddick to contend with himself so I don't think it was a blunder picking Chubb, it's pretty close imo. I think Kirk at 2.6 is nice value, he usually goes earlier than that, and I love Guice and Sutton so I think you did a nice job.
  12. I think keeping a kicker in a 12 team league that you only start 1 in, is kinda silly. Are a lot of owners hoarding 2 or more because of the dynasty aspect and large rosters? If not, I think you'd be better off in the long run with Demario Davis who can lock down your LB1 slot. You know your league better than us. What are the starting requirements for defense? Are the rest of your league similarly letting most of their IDPs go? Those are factors to take into account. Your offensive selections make sense to me, Kelly and Hollins are easy cuts.
  13. Stole this from a video on youtube, basically highlights Cousins success throwing to the TEs. Interesting that Minnesota threw to their TEs close to the same percentage, just had a bunch less pass attempts and much less efficiency.