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  1. It sorta ruins it for me in dynasty that Chris Carson is still under contract for 3 years and they are coached by Pete Carroll and Brian Schottenheimer and have no offensive line.
  2. Yeah Shaheen figured to play a decent role in this offense, especially in the redzone. Burton is going to be on the field for every down and be heavily leaned on now. His value shoots up. That being said, the Broncos are total a** at covering TEs and Allen Robinson only played 1 series and Taylor Gabriel didn't play, so it makes sense. Burton still looked extremely good so people should definitely get excited about him.
  3. Browns have a clueless front office with more cap space than they know what to do with. That being said, Dez is coming in with no knowledge of the offense, no reps with the QBs, in just as bad of "football shape" as Josh Gordon would be, and most importantly as I think most would agree, is in steep decline, if not completely washed up. Josh Gordon has the talent to make Dez Bryant this year's Adrian Peterson whining his a** on the sideline for playing time unless he's in jail week 1 (hell, I think Callaway could possibly do the same). Rich people, professional athletes and celebrities have a way of avoiding incarceration where us average folks just can't. If the Dez news makes Josh Gordon's ADP go into freefall, by god I'm gonna scoop this man up.
  4. Devante Parker is sort of the definition of a roster clogger. Compiles just enough stats that he probably shouldn't be on waivers, but you wanna run to the nearest toilet and throw up at the thought of having to ever start him. Sadly that might not be the case this season since he'll probably lose his starting job to Albert Wilson. I only draft WRs with souls. That means no gingers and no Devante Parker.
  5. I was thinking the same thing but figured there was something I missed. I remember vividly the many touchdowns Gore had vultured from him by the likes of Anthony Dixon in SF...and then Robert Turbin in Indy. Worse news for Drake owners, I wouldn't be surprised if Kalen Ballage is the Robert Turbin/Anthony Dixon of the group and pisses off owners of both guys.
  6. Stole this from a video on youtube, basically highlights Cousins success throwing to the TEs. Interesting that Minnesota threw to their TEs close to the same percentage, just had a bunch less pass attempts and much less efficiency.
  7. Well yeah, but I don't think anyone is arguing RB1 for Drake. Drake was impressive last season by a ton of different metrics. Most yards after contact per carry last season by a significant margin (small sample size I know). He had his impressive showing last year with Cutler as QB, so I don't think the passing game will be worse...maybe it stays even with Landry gone, idk. We've seen plenty of good RBs be functional on god awful offenses (Matt Forte for example, who played for Adam Gase in Chicago). Frank Gore, his running mate, on some real attrocious 49ers teams too.
  8. After the 2015 season that forced him to undergo surgeries to 3 different body parts because the offensive line was total garbage juice, he missed just about all of the offseason program recovering and had lost a lot of weight being unable to train for all that time. So in the preseason, he was "competing" for the job with Blaine Gabbert because of this and because the 49ers didn't want his 2017 salary to become fully guaranteed due to injury (they essentially gave him the RGIII treatment). This is the same type of guarantee that forced Jacksonville to keep Blake Bortles this offseason and then they compounded it by giving him a 2 year extension with 7 more million in guarantees, but I digress. Kaepernick was already kneeling in the preseason before Gabbert was named the starter. The anthem thing hadn't become a big controversy yet, and it's weird that someone would connect that with being benched. Once Kaepernick restructured his contract to eliminate the injury guarantee and remove future years from the deal, he was immediately re-installed as the starter because Gabbert is trash. His last 6 games produced a 96.2 QB rating, literally the same rating Jimmy G had last season.
  9. Well I traded away Trey in that league because I'm not super high on him, but I honestly love Walker this year lol. I love the fact that the Titans are going away from the slowest most conservative offense in the league, a scheme that would make John Fox and Jeff Fisher salivate, to bringing in Matt Lafleur as OC to run a faster pace modern offense with a QB who adores throwing to him and a new contract extension that means he won't be phased out. He was still awesome last year and capped it off with a Pro Bowl MVP (I know that doesn't matter lol but he finished the year strong at least).
  10. I just feel like Drake can still be a functional RB2/3 in fantasy even with Gore. If Drake is the man catching majority of the passes...which I would assume to be the case, then I compare it to Jerick Mckinnon last season. 178 PPR points on 150 carries and 51 receptions, despite being vultured by Latavius Murray at the goalline and barely playing the first 4 weeks. That made him 17th in total points last season, and 13.79 FP/G from week 5 on was high end RB2 production. Obviously there was a lot of injuries at RB last year and there was a big talent influx from the draft, but I *know* Drake is good enough to match that production, and in a year from now for Keeper purposes when Gore is gone and he assumes a greater majority of the touches (unless Gase is still being an as*hole), the arrow should be pointing way up. Gase said he brought Gore in to make Drake a better RB, if he's a man of his word (hah), the fantasy community is just going to have to have patience with this and trust what Drake put on film last year, what he's doing in camp right now (again really good), and try not to sell low. I've had this comparison in my head for awhile, this reminds me a lot of when the Chiefs back in the day inexplicably made Jamaal Charles split carries evenly with Thomas Jones for no reason. Not saying Drake is Charles...well, for sake of argument here I'll say he's a poor man's Charles, but Charles still ran for 1400+ on 230 carries that year, while Jones plodded away 245 carries. I don't even know where I was going with that, just a thought.
  11. A counter argument to myself is it would seem with the improved conditions that last season's 158 point output in PPR could be seen as something of a floor, which wasn't terrible. I just bring all this up because I've been concerned that groupthink could be driving his ADP instead of facts and had to dig a little. They gave Cousins a record setting contract. Does that mean the 527 pass attempts the Vikings had last year goes up? Or does a good defense mean they continue to run the ball? I think certainly touchdowns could go up, which doesn't hurt anyone. I'm overthinking things but it's that time of year. I'm looking at Rudolph in a deep keeper league where I'm starting to fall head-over-heels for Mike Gesicki and know I'll have to choose between the safe play in Rudolph or a guy who athletically compares to Jimmy Graham and Vernon Davis and is having a helluva camp by all accounts. Hopefully preseason games give me some clarity on both guys.
  12. But Chris Thompson was hurt and the Redskins receivers are a**...so you could also figure he had nowhere else to go with the ball.
  13. I only saw 1 quote about a mattress back in OTAs. I'm sure there's more, I just haven't seen it. Any searches involving Kyle Rudolph and camp brings up stuff about some youth football camp he runs or whatever lol. Earlier I did see a gif of a nice TD catch he had today in the corner of the endzone from Cousins. That was a nice start.
  14. Is no one worried about the fact that Rudolph's numbers outside of 2016 have been intensely mediocre...at best? Are we confident that it won't be the same ol' thing and Kirk Cousins and Defilippo will target him 100+ times and make him the fantasy stud we all have expected him to be at one time or another? I can't seem to find any camp news on Rudolph which is frustrating. I'm fairly certain guys like Delanie and Jimmy Graham are gonna get their numbers (70+ rec and 700+ yards), Rudolph just seems like more of a total gamble to this point.