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  1. This right here, 110%! If Dalton continues to look the way he did on Monday, then the Dallas receivers are in for a miserable second half of the season. I think I'd stick with what you have and hope Swift pans out as the season goes on.
  2. After watching Dallas, last night, I'd make this move. I don't feel that a handcuff for Cook is an absolute necessity, but watching Andy Dalton did not inspire confidence in me for the rest of Gallup's season.
  3. The only reason to hang on to Dobbins is as a keeper for next year. Unless something happens to Ingram or Jackson, Baltimore isn't going to use him a ton, so I'd accept this deal.
  4. I don't think it's a bad trade, but I'm not a huge fan of it. There are WAY too many players involved in my book. I'd see if you could cut out some of the fat and just get to the bare bones as to which players each team needs to move to make it fair.
  5. Definitely try and make that trade. You're set at RB and hurting at WR. Sending Gaskin away for Kupp will help fix this issue.
  6. 1 PPR LEAGUE I GET: David Montgomery, Mike Davis, & Henry Ruggs III I GIVE: Myles Gaskin & Tim Patrick MY ROSTER: QB - Herbert & Dalton; RB - Sanders, Gaskin, & Kelley; WR - Golladay, AJ Brown, Shenault, Beasley, Preston Williams, Aiyuk, Ward, & Patrick; TE - Andrews & Waller THEIR ROSTER: QB - Murray; RB - A. Jones, M. Davis, Montgomery, J. WIlliams, D. Swift., P. Lindsay, D. Lewis; WR: Julio, Kupp, K. Cole, Ruggs, Kirk, Jeudy; TE - Hurst I hate to give up Gaskin as I think he's going to be gold for the rest of they year. Davis does nothing for me because he'll be a back-up, again, soon enough. That said, Montgomery isn't bad and Ruggs has potential, though he only caught two balls this past week and this is a PPR league. What are everyone's thoughts? Do I take this deal or not? WHIR - Leave Link
  7. I'm a Vikings fan, my friend, so I understand your pain. I shall drink to our mutual misery, tonight.
  8. I think it is a slight upgrade based on Seattle's offense. I guess it makes sense.
  9. CEH has had good games, but he hasn't been the massive break-out player I was expecting. For RB, I would start Gibson against the miserable Giants defense with Montgomery being a close second as I think they may have better games, this week, than CEH. For your Flex, I like Golladay. He's still Stafford's favorite target and I think he has the better match-up going against Jacksonville.
  10. It's not just a matter of how good the team is, though that is a factor. There is also the talent of the player and the amount of opportunities they'll get on the field. An excellent example is Perine's teammate, Crowder. Same crummy franchise, but he puts up good numbers to warrant rostering and even starting him in fantasy leagues. Why? Because the quarterback has to thrown the ball to somebody no matter how bad the team is, so it might as well be their best receiver. Perine may be on one of the worst teams in the league, but considering that he's only got Frank Gore to contend with for touches, he should get a good number of opportunities because someone has to carry the ball on running plays. More opportunities for talented = more chances to rack up yards and score points. And good players can make the most of those opportunities and score your team those points. Even on a bad team. I'm not going to say that Perine is going to immediately become a top 5 fantasy back, but the situation he is in definitely makes him more worthy or a roster spot than Brown. And say what you want about Le'Veon Bell not being able to run behind the Jets' admittedly crummy o-line, I think the move from Pittsburgh to New York showed that he benefitted a lot from the system he was in previously and the talent that was around him. If he goes to a team like Kansas City where he has a ton of help around him, he'll probably still put up fair numbers. But he's also had his share of injuries, now, and doesn't seem to be the guy he use to be, either, regardless of the fact that he's on a worse team.
  11. Yes, dump Brown and pick up Perine. Brown is in an RB quagmire in Los Angeles with too much competition. Perine, on the other hand, has an opportunity to shine with just the aging Frank Gore to contend with.
  12. I am also going to advise against this trade. You're going to take a big step backwards in your wide-outs by going from Hill to JuJu. And, while I prefer Gurley over David Johnson, you aren't gaining that much at RB. Add to this that you're going from a low-end-but-established TE like Hockenson to a relative question mark in Tonyan (I know he's had some decent games, but I wonder what will happen when Adams returns as Tonyan is kind of touchdown dependant), and I think this deal is a bad move for you.
  13. I would take Hilton. I like his match-up against Cincinnati and he's a reliable #1 WR on his team. Fulgham had a great week 5, but he's not going to see those numbers every week. Especially not against a team like Baltimore. Also, DJax and Alshon are probably going to be back soon. If either or both of them come back this week, it would be safe to say that Fulgham will see a LOT fewer targets than he did last Sunday.
  14. I think I'd make this deal. Granted that Bell is probably not going to see action right away, but I suspect that he'll cut into CEH's time within a couple weeks after signing. Take the deal and put Gaskin in as your second RB.