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  1. I would still take Connor. Too much big play potential from him, even in a time share.
  2. I hate to say it because I am starting Julio in one league, but the 49’ers D is the way to go.
  3. Baker has been hot and has a great match-up against Arizona, so start him. For your wide-outs, hit Sutton and Edelman.
  4. Slayton, Julio (gotta start your stud), and Moore for wide-outs. Mahomes for your QB Tampa for your D (too many injuries for Detroit)
  5. Semi-finals in my small money league. Who do I start? Pick 5! Matt Breida (vs Falcons) Carlos Hyde (vs Titans) Devin Singletary (vs Steelers) Sony Michel (vs Bengala) Odell Beckham (vs Cardinals) Zack Ertz (vs Redskins) Michael Thomas (vs Colts) DJ Moore (vs Seahawks) Darius Slayton (vs Dolphins) WHIR - Leave Link!
  6. My season is over for the first team in my signature. Officially eliminated from the playoffs, I now am thinking about who I want to have as my keeper in 2020. We can only keep a player for one year. After that, we have to pick someone else. We also cannot pick anyone we took in the first 3 rounds. With that in mind, here are my options: Devin Singletary (RB - Bills) - Round 4 Miles Sanders (RB - Eagles) - Round 5 Darius Guice (RB - Redskins) - Round 6 Hunter Henry (TE - Chargers) - Round 8 John Brown (WR - Buffalo) - Round 10 D.J. Chark (WR - Jaguars) - Round 16 Naturally, I'm leaning towards Chark due to value at the place where I took him. My only problems are: 1. Is he the real deal. 2. I'm nervous about his future quarterback situation in Jacksonville. Advice please? WHIR - Leave Link!
  7. I'd also say Lindsay. The Browns are a mess.
  8. Start JuJu. I don't trust McLaurin since Washington is starting a rookie QB against a good Bills D.
  9. Considering the opposing defenses, I'd really hope for a third option. That said, I'd take Howard since he's playing against his former team and may want a tad of revenge
  10. Now that Winston has remembered he can throw to Mike Evans, I think I'd play it safe and start him over Lamar and a tough Pats D.
  11. I know it's weird to go with a Dolphins receiver, this year, but I'd use Parker. Washington is starting a rookie QB against a solid defense. Despite how talented McLaurin is, I think he's hosed.
  12. 1PPR League I'm already regretting not starting Carlos Hyde, today. Which of these remaining RB's should I start? Currently, I have Sanders and Singletary going. Sony Michel (vs Ravens) Miles Sanders (vs Bears) Devin Singletary (vs Redskins) WHIR - Leave link (preferably before games start and I start swearing at the Vikings)