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  1. I'm so close. He doesn't have foul trouble or any other excuse right now that I can tell. It felt like a big value pick but Batum has more minutes tonight.
  2. Barton, maybe, for one of them. I wouldn't drop PJ as the person above suggested, yikes. Looks to me like you need boards more than assists/3s, but I don't know your build.
  3. Thanks, my main issue is I'm so thin at SF. Isaiah and Rose both still avail at PG
  4. Coby, if anyone, just because of the crazy three-headed PG thing in Chi. Although Fultz doesn't seem to be an upgrade. I suspect people are getting hyped about a guy partially because he was so bad for so long. A 12/3/3 line isn't the stuff of a must pickup. Really just depends on if you think he eventually takes over starter gig, but he doesn't inspire me despite the encouraging talk.
  5. Rest of team, H2H 10 team: G: Harden, Young, Bledsoe, Morant, Teague F: Lamb, Bogdan, PJ Washington, Ross Bigs: Drummond, Porzingis, Bryant, Carter, Whiteside
  6. Absolutely get Ayton in H2H. If it was roto with no IR I might hesitate, but Ayton is WAY better than Kuzma in fantasy.
  7. I wouldn't drop Bacon, but if you're determined, maybe Graham -- not sure about his minutes staying this high. Still,I'd probably not take McGee off the waiver at this point, looks to me like you've got plenty of blocks and boards.
  8. Worried that Teague is toast and Nunn after two excellent games is now projected to start.
  9. Nobody believed me back in July. This is me being obnoxious about it
  10. But guuuuuuuys, he'll turn his FT% around this year. Sarcasm aside, overall, better than I expected numerically and on the court from the Russ/Harden team-up
  11. RW's blurb tonight fails to note that Bledsoe was in foul trouble in the first half. Panic over this guy if you want (I'm an owner who reluctantly picked him in one league) but tonight was mainly about the foul trouble.
  12. All right FINE I'll talk about MYYYYYYY team, too. --KAT was always my top pick. Never injured, still young and getting better. I almost blinked when I saw Davis available, though. I've just never felt comfortable depending on the guy. --Young slipping to my second pick thrilled me. I think he's gonna be good this year. --Also had been targeting Fox. Another young guy with potential to grow like the first two. Was off to a good start on 3s and FT%, so his worst parts were neutralized. --JJJ was never in my plans. Didn't like his lack of rebounds. But upside and fit were good enough for me to pick him after he fell. --Was looking for Jonas, Bam, Bryant or Favors here in that order. Jonas went too early for my tastes and I was worried about a run on bigs, especially since it gets dismal late. Was happy to get my second choice. -- Shocked to see WCJ available here. Perhaps the last really promising big left in the draft by that point, and I knew some folk were fiending. --Shai: Another "huh" one for me. Thought he'd be a trendy pick given his upside, and like WCJ, got him right around his ADP. --Caris was my first SF picked. I tend to hate small forwards; never enough assists or big man stats for my tastes, and Caris brings the assists. --Enes Kanter was a difficult choice for me. I think I went down to the last second on him. I dislike non-blocking bigs, but thought he was the most worthwhile big to round out my unit. --Also tend to oppose picking backup players, but Bogdan has managed. And needed another SF. --Fred Van Vleet was another who slipped his ADP and few assists left here, but hesitated because of above. --Always had Powell as my last pick, it's just that I thought this crew might take a chance on him. --Immediately hated Seth choice. Was trying to round out things and didn't like Baze efficiency but regretted it when it took me from a BBM tie for first to a tie for second. The little things get to me, man.
  13. He was #5 in total value last year. That's not guaranteed, but it also isn't an "L."