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  1. WHIP below 1 between May and August last season. I would say the ERA will follow suit to some degree. He had a horrible April that killed in his overall Stat line. Most projections mirror whatever stats looked like last season and are useless imo. Have to come up with your own conclusions.
  2. Although I agree to some degree, I would rather have a guy with elite Era and whip potential and lose out on some ks.
  3. What are everyone's thoughts on this guy? Loved him second half of season for Rays. Doesn't walk a lot of batters. Not huge K numbers but pretty respectable.
  4. He shot 63 percent from the line through 2 years at college. I don't think he will magically shoot 20% better. Much rather have a guy like Barton if available
  5. At best you are getting points and 3s with PJ. Low stocks and a horrible ft %. Pass
  6. Pj washington college stats aren't prolific. It's a good gage. Kennard could be Reddick like. Scoring and 3s with little else
  7. (12) Nikola Vucevic (Orl - PF,C) $35 2. (24) LaMarcus Aldridge (SA - PF,C) $24 3. (36) Robert Covington (Min - SF,PF) $25 4. (38) Danny Green (LAL - SG,SF) $2 5. (47) Clint Capela (Hou - PF,C) $24 6. (65) Eric Bledsoe (Mil - PG,SG) $14 7. (68) Kyle Lowry (Tor - PG) $20 8. (71) Malcolm Brogdon (Ind - PG,SG) $15 9. (82) Jamal Murray (Den - PG,SG) $16 10. (94) Tomas Satoransky (Chi - PG,SG) $7 11. (100) T.J. Warren (Ind - SF,PF) $9 12. (103) Jeff Teague (Min - PG) $5 13. (108) Thaddeus Young (Chi - SF,PF) $4 Got all my targets!
  8. Does anyone have a response from yahoo on whether these will be opening or not? I enjoy the one click and I'm in a league in the time and day i want with no hassle situation.
  9. The Rays will now be the first to adopt this policy....and it will
  10. Goff has 3 WRS ranked in the top 20. No other QB can say that. One could argue that the Rams may run slightly more pass plays to keep Gurley fresh. As a Rams fan, he looked lost in the Super Bowl but with a healthy Kupp I would expect similar if not slightly better numbers.
  11. Does Gallen even touch this group? I admit I rely on the knowledge of everyone in this group way more than I should.
  12. Any anicdotes for this? Roto daily is cool. H2H generally sucks imo since all you need is a crummy last 2 weeks to destroy a season
  13. Hey guys, I have a weekly keeper league that drafted Monday. League starts Thursday. However, yahoo is not allowing us to change our players til the following Monday. The worst part is that the players locked in our bench slots our all of our studs with minor leaguers and injured players locked in the starting lineups. I've tried changing settings to daily lineup changes but that only let it change to the following Monday as well. Any suggestions?!