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  1. Full PPR..not sold on Mixon tomorrow vs. a tough Pats D. Who you guys like at rb? Thanks and WHIR!!
  2. Only thing I worry about is CLE is pretty good against the pass(Kirk). Anyone else?
  3. Hicks just got activated for the Bears with temps in the teens. Not great passing conditions for GB. Goff and Mayfield looking better by the hour. Anyone else?
  4. Laird is going to get volume..I would go with him. Metcalf could have a good game but seems capped on targets
  5. Higbee at TE..Rams are moving the ball well right now. Flex out Henry if Jacobs is given clearance
  6. Full PPR--Rodgers with the toughest matchup, Mayfield the easiest. Who you guys like? Thanks and WHIR!!
  7. This one is close. I like Amendola bc of volume but Miller is on a roll. Amendola slightly but you could flip a coin with Miller
  8. I like AJ over Thielen this week..mostly bc of health. Going to be some rust even if Thielen is cleared.
  9. Full a logjam here. Who you guys like from this list? Thanks and WHIR!!
  10. I like Julio over DJ if healthy as WR2..then flex out Moore. Probably go with Buffalo D this week
  11. Semi's this week..full PPR. Diggs has a tougher matchup. Anybody rolling out Slayton over Diggs? Thanks and WHIR!
  12. Anyone else? Powell looks to have a better matchup than Drake..just saying