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  1. looks like he will only do good against garbage teams now since good teams are just going to double team him...
  2. This is a fantasy basketball forum, we can vent all we want. Also looks like you don't own him, so you can see your way out!
  3. the hard doubles right after he crosses half court is getting f***in annoying as a fantasy owner
  4. dude doesnt look healthy at all, they should sit him for a few weeks to get him healthy, dude is laboring out there
  5. of course the week I play against mr 50 bomb Lilliard, Harden is playing like trash, cmon
  6. LOL of course facing Dame, Burks and Paschall. Already lost and its only monday.
  7. Maybe double him and get the ball out of his hands? Warriors are so dumb
  8. This dude averages 50 ppg when facing me, unreal
  9. of course my whole team goes off last week when I faced a scrub team and now Im already in a big hole since my whole team decided to crap the bed. Harden 1-17 from three are you f***in kidding me, Adams injured again and he has scrubs like Nunn, Dillon Brooks droppig 30 ppg. Like cmon man