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  1. He basically just stands in the corner the whole game and when he does get the ball he passes it to another player. Too many guards taking all the shots, this offense doesnt involve the big men. And looks like hes done for the night. Time to move on boysss
  2. bricking everything because hes rushing his shots when he sees a one on one matchup.
  3. he came out for like a minute and then Dantoni subbed him back in when Portland extended their lead to 16 😄
  4. pisses me the f--- off teams are doubling him right away letting Westbrook run free and rack up stats. Annoying
  5. I swear I have the worst luck with injuries and my opponents team is always healthy or any players they have that is questionable/game time decision will always play. Adams/Jaylen brown/Gafford I lost today.
  6. love how my opponents Beverely/Garland out assisted my Luka/Harden/Payton....ugh cmon
  7. dude gets no touches at all...seems like everybody from GS is trying to eat and put up stats for the next contract. Also not sure how long they will keep him at center, his defense is atrocious
  8. its all mental with him, he misses a few early and then it looks like he starts aiming the ball. Some of those fts were not even close
  9. his shot is ugly, surprised his 3pt % is high for the season