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  1. If this kid plays, are we now viewing him as a stable wr3 with Foles? Bears fans, is Mooney playing out of the slot? Too early to rank this kid ahead of guys like Aiyuk (lack of volume) and Shenault?
  2. Planned on streaming Fuller/P Campbell as my wr3 but they’re both hurt My roster: qb Lamar rb Cook rb Gordon III wr Hopkins wr Diggs wr Harry te Andrews flex Fournette D Stream Bench- Fuller (hammy), P Campbell (out), Cohen, Mattison, Hockenson
  3. Anyone catch the game or see how he looked Sunday? Obviously great target share but Yahoo has Pitman projected for more points this week. Is this just Yahoo being clueless? I’m assuming Parris played out of the slot with the amount of targets.
  4. I think Hockenson has too much break out potential right now to let go of
  5. Thanks, I would agree that Fuller, Diggs, and Fournette are all question marks right now
  6. 12 team 1PPR QB L Jackson (Keeper) RB D Cook RB M Gordon WR Hopkins WR Diggs WR Fuller TE M Andrews Flex WR/RB/TE Def Denver B Fournette B Cohen B Mattison B Hockenson B N Harry B P Cambell B M Pittman Sixth pick, Reached for Andrews In 3rd but was able to get M Gordon in 4th which I was thrilled with. Took the two young Indy WR with last 2 picks to see if one emerges with Rivers there. Curious to see if Harry develops, he’s talented. Looked at the wire this morning to see if anyone was overlooked, only name I see that peaks interest is Mimms but should I see how Colts young guys shake out first?
  7. I started him with the logic that Houston is fighting for a playoff spot and if that happens it will be on the shoulders of DeShaun Watson. I am literally hoping for 5-90 lines here on out with a TD every other game. Not sure I start him week 15; but if healthy, TB matchup week 16 looks great
  8. I already start Fornette and I hate starting 2 guys from same team. I think Cooks comes back next week, not sure about severity of Dede’s injury. It’s a 1PPR; thoughts??
  9. Active. Could be a good PPR flier if sitting on waivers and you have the room. Saw 4 targets in 6 snaps before getting hurt week one.
  10. Does Williams play out of the slot? If Albert Wilson is active Sunday, how does this affect him? They have some money tied into Wilson and will be looking for a return when he becomes healthy (at least I would assume)
  11. I was misunderstood a few posts ago; my apologies. I was referring to which one of the three (Samuel, Pettis, Hurd) should people pick up off of waivers, not rostering all three and deciding who to play. I’m sure at least 2, if not 3, are sitting on most waiver wires. At this point I still have no clue, but I do think SF throws for a lot of yards here on out
  12. I agree, plus Hurd is coming back into the mix. I think Garap is going to throw for a bunch of 300+ Yd games this season, but they spread it around so much between Kittle, the backs, and now 4 WRs when Hurd gets healthy. Who do you take: Pettis, Deebo, or Hurd?? One may emerge as “the guy”, but I have no clue who that would be...
  13. I held onto Pettis because he was supposedly coming off an ankle injury. Anyone with SF knowledge think Deebo is taking over the #1 wr role? Or will Pettis come back and start producing over the next few weeks? I’m on the east coast and see no SF games or team coverage. Wondering if I should hold and see with Pettis or drop and bid on Deebo. I’m in a 12 team 3 wr league so wr’s are a bit scarce. Not super important as they are depth guys on my bench but it would be nice to have their #1 when matchups/byes occur