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  1. Agreed, but only if both kupp and lockett will start. Otherwise the slight dip from Lamar to Russell will be felt more (ty is basically on the same level as the two wr in my mind)
  2. Given the lack of weapons for wentz, and Allen's legs, I go Allen as well
  3. I'd share my link but I'm not sure I'd want an answer. Hold Melvin unless you're in a league with no benches
  4. I'm going Jones, but I think it's a tomato tomato sitch. They're both on the same plane but the penny ghost looms larger than J Williams regardless of lafleurs comments/deceptions If you could
  5. If your league isn't start 4 WR and you like penny, I'd feel comfortable dealing Williams. I think John brown and Ross are good covers for his loss If you could
  6. A couple teams needy at RB have approached me as I am a rarity with depth at the position currently. 16 teamer, brutal. Would you pursue any of these options? I think Cohen and Barber are a lot closer in actual value than perceived value (Barber is trash! Lol) so I'd be cool with either being sent away (if it's worth it) in path B. Path A: Tarik + he picks from (Marquise Goodwin, Golden Tate, Herndon, DeMarcus Robinson, Agholor) FOR Robert Woods Path B: Tarik or Barber FOR Tyrell Williams 16 Team, 1/2 ppr. 1 QB, 2WR, 2RB, TE, FLEX (formatting on my phone making this look ugly below sorry) QB mahomes, RB Chubb, AaronJones, Tarik, Barber... WR Lfitz, Goodwin, DRobinson, Tate, agholor... TE Howard, Herndon, Eifert... Tucker... Bears
  7. As a Patriots fan and a Josh Gordon fan, I will remember him as the entirely unexpected record 71st player to catch a TD from the legendary TB12. My rooting for Gordon was well known to my friends before he became a Patriot, and I will undoubtedly be getting text messages today. All that said-- I hope he's able to pull himself up and out of the current muck he's mired in but now accept this may be the end of our journey together.
  8. So this is dependent on the status of Watkins, obviously-- but I need 13 points in a .5 PPR league and have Josh Reynolds starting currently both Conley and Demarcus Robinson are available should they give the Watkins is inactive call What's my best path to a W tonight?
  9. Offer is his Julio and Nyheim Hines for my Ingram and OJ Howard. 16 team league makes OJ pretty valuable in my mind but would just need to survive this week with a fill in before falling back to Doyle. Leave a link and I'll try to help you out too 16 team, .5 ppr QB(1)- Luck, Mayfield RB(2)- Melvin, Collins, Ingram WR(2)-Landry, Corey Davis, Amendola, Keelan Cole, TreQuan TE(1)- Howard, Doyle 1 flex spot K- Tucker Def- Jacksonville, Dallas
  10. I have Ingram and am currently at 3-5. Thinking of floating Ingram to the Mack owner straight up .... It would mean I need to survive this week without one of my core lineup pieces. I would then be really heavy on the colts lineup which I think I'm a sneaky fan of. Thoughts on this? 16 team, .5 ppr QB(1)- Luck, Mayfield RB(2)- Melvin, Collins, Ingram WR(2)-Landry, Corey Davis, Amendola, Keelan Cole, TreQuan TE(1)- Howard, Doyle 1 flex spot K- Tucker Def- Jacksonville, Dallas
  11. .5 PPR Trying to determine the best play here Jack Doyle @OAK Keelan Cole v PHI Tre'Quan Smith @MIN Ronald Jones @CIN
  12. Doyle's bye is in week 9. Sorry Papa but Jack is not the son you wished he could be.
  13. Been talking with the Njoku offer and it's stalling but he floated the idea of trading for one of my studs, Melvin/Ingram. I am 2-4 and was projected (without a TE in) to outscore opponent 108 to 87. He had Booker and Denver D so that now vaults him to a projection of 108 to 112 (sad face). Would you consider a deal of Ingram + Corey Davis+ Doyle for Thielen + Njoku He keeps insisting on adding Doyle but is that really a deal breaker here or should I be comfortable with it as is. I believe in Corey Davis but am just losing patience and can't afford to wait around for TENN to figure their s--- out. QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, Flex, K, D 16 team, .5 ppr, redraft QB- Luck, Bortles RB- Melvin, Collins, Ingram, R.Jones WR- Landry, Corey Davis, Coutee, Keelan Cole, Westbrook, TreQuan TE- Doyle, K- Tucker Def- Jacksonville
  14. Tell that to the Cooks and Amari Cooper owners who suffered 0's because their players heads got taken off before they logged any statistics. Floor is 0 is not a throwaway or unnecessary statement.
  15. Buck Allen stinks and it seems Baltimore is doing the same thing they did last year, playing their best talent at RB and oh my lanta they're winning this way?!