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  1. The upside is there, I'm buying. If he can ball they'll get him touches
  2. My longtime league has toyed around with the idea as a permanent change. Decided not to. Beating your bro with the kicker is just too much fun
  3. Michel stunk last year opinion discarded
  4. Next time I'll google their record before posting.
  5. Not to be a wet blanket but high ankle sprains are traditionally bad news and the team could very well be winless as stated above. Why run McCaffrey into a wall?
  6. Covid can't go away fast enough. The hype is beyond tiresome
  7. After yesterday I'm interested in grabbing a piece of this backfield. Harris will get some run. Maybe he turns out to be dynamic. They would not shy away from feeding him.
  8. I'm targeting jrob so I appreciate the article greatly. Sell him (to me).