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  1. Parcells had one foot out the door during their Super Bowl appearance and took Belichick with him to the NY Jets. I believe Kraft boned Parcells to pry him away from the Jets. Belichick resigning at the podium at his introduction is an all timer
  2. It's a shame Bledsoe's run with the Pats is largely forgotten about. Not surprising considering what came after but still.. Gillette Stadium is the "house that Drew built". (Parcells too but he boned us in the end so F him)
  3. Wilt was 7'1" and a knee injury waiting to happen. I say field goal block specialist because I want to see one of these mega tall guys in a gimmick role before I die. How does it not make sense?!?!?
  4. Agreed. TB12 has never had much patience with receivers that aren't on the same page or are struggling to pick up an offense predicated on option routes. Especially now that his in his twilight years
  5. Wilt's libido was also virtually unguardable
  6. This was his 1st season with high usage. Should be plenty of tread left on those tires
  7. He looks big and lumbering like LeGarrette Blount. Not seeing the burst anymore
  8. What a monster. Hate that he boned my team last night but a tip of the cap to Derrick Henry. A man against boys
  9. He's been rolling, no doubt. But one of the best QBs in the league? How big is the list?
  10. Starting him over Gallup. I think Eli has one last big game at the Meadowlands and feeds Slayton all day long