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  1. I'm in the same boat as you and I'm leaning towards Stills
  2. Why do you say "As a Howard owner" like it gives you more credibility? If anything it makes your analysis less impartial. You think I'd start Howard over Kerryon, Saquon, or Cook? Did you read the initial post? I mean I like Howard's potential too, I added him everywhere available, but that's just silly talk.
  3. Bumping this. Seeing people saying to wait it out but I feel it's easy to be less risk averse like that when it's not your team. Given my stud starters still leaning towards the insurance on Barkley. Any other thoughts?
  4. 10 team 0.5 PPR RB: Saquon, Cook, Kerryon, Michel, Howard, Mattison WR: Godwin, Kupp, Mike Williams, Samuel, Fuller, MVS So basically, my RB are rock solid once saquon comes back, and Howard wouldn't really see my lineup except for maybe a bye week flex. I could use Gallman this week and potentially next week as opposed to starting Michel or Howard with Kerryon on bye. On one hand, I like the idea of having my 2 stud RBs insured for the rest of the season in case Saquon gets shut down at some point or reinjures himself. On the other hand, I see the possibility that Howard emerges more as the trusted option in that Philly backfield and becomes a strong flex play. That being said, would I ever use him outside of byes when I have Saquon Cook and Kerryon? What would you do here?
  5. So you're somehow going to draft at the back of the 1st early 2nd and then again at the back of the 2nd early 3rd? I imagine most draft strategies would look good under that scenario. If you actually meant late 3rd early 4th, no chance Freeman or Howard are there.