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  1. I benched them all as a bills fan this hurts.
  2. That means nothing. If one player on titans test positive tomorrow or monday the game is canceled. There is no way zero people test negative when 25 have/had it. Just like NE just did
  3. What if titans players test positive tomorrow? Game is likely off and you're basically screwed?
  4. These players on these teams need to go to IR so I can pick up replacements for this week. When is that happening?
  5. It didn't look bad at all. Surprised hes out.
  6. Chubbs injury was an odd one, didn't look too bad tbh.
  7. I'm starting all players on Chiefs/Pats. This game is happening.
  8. I live 5 minutes from Bills Stadium. Has been raining all morning, windy, and nasty out. Adjust accordingly.
  9. He's going wayy too late for PPR leagues. I got him as my 2nd WR on my bench in the 10th round. Someone has to catch the ball in NE and Cam is not a bad QB.