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  1. I'm starting to think its me, every time I start this guy he gets injured during the game.
  2. Don't know, picked him up but can't be excited about it. Last year MVS also had a string of good games and Rodgers confidence until he didn't.
  3. His two good games have been at home, so maybe sit him when hes on the road. Not even sure if thats what it is.
  4. I agree he has TD upside, but I can't agree on the targets and yardage claim you made as he has barely been targeted outside of the redzone. I hope he gets more involved in the passing game, but right now Waller is a much safer play in PPR.
  5. Also have both and I prefer Waller for the safe floor especially in ppr, Hockenson has a floor of 0. I'm not sure the reception and yardage will be there since the Arizona game, he has had 5 catches for 35 yards and 1 TD.
  6. I'm starting to panic now, Dallas just seems content on letting Dak throw. That's not a problem except that they just paid Zeke which makes no sense. If you were going to go this route with your offense why bother paying Zeke, why not just roll with Pollard?
  7. I wasn't implying this guy is better then KJ, who I also have, but that the Lion and the Coach sucks at utilizing their running backs. Was hoping to see this guy show something, in the case KJ went down I would have a good cuff.
  8. I think Zeke had a pretty slow start last season too, really he only had a handful of crazy games. Overall Zeke was consistent as he is consistent this year, so not gonna worry about it.
  9. Splitting carries and no goalline. Don't think there is anything to look forward too at this point. He has looked good but so has Mostert and Coleman is coming back, its gonna be such a mess.
  10. Yeah I bought into the hype too, but forgot this is the Lions and is coached my Patricia. Mistakes were made.
  11. I wouldn't say not panned out, all the RB in the first round have had at least one good game to great game.
  12. That was terrible! Didn't watch the game, can anyone tell me if theres any positives at all or should I just bench him from now on?
  13. Yeah even though I have Kerryon on my team, the fact that Patricia is the HC and that its still the Lions makes me really nervous.