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  1. He really was, if he played an average game they probably would have won. A SB QB hasn't played this bad in a long time.
  2. lol, you need to go harder than that against a guy that is now 6-3 in the Super Bowl.
  3. Not counting on it, damn that was a really bad show.
  4. How do we stop Brady? Dude is old as dirt and the league cant stop him!
  5. I don't hate Landry as a player, hes a solid guy that is limited by his size. Juju can mature into a top 5 WR on the outside and have 1500 15 TD seasons, you cant compare the rookie seasons as Juju didn't sniff the starting lineup until halfway through the season. They look nothing alike.
  6. Juju is several inches taller, weighs 20 more pounds, played the slot and outside this year and in his second year in the league has shown more than Landry ever will.
  7. I'm drafting him #1 next year. This guy is insanity in ppr.
  8. I got the boot today, no fault of Woods obviously. He was my anchor in stormy waters early in the season and always came through with his 70 yards. Good luck!
  9. Well, what a crappy day. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, have a nice summer, see ya'll in September.
  10. Throw it out or go to the end zone for a PI. Throwing 5 yard passes to a TE under a minute is a big lose.