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  1. I was hoping the pathetic offense would at least get close enough to kick a few field goes. Too much to ask!
  2. lol the only thing worse than that breakout is that dallas offense has to take the field again
  3. rootin for another zeke fumble, just cause...
  4. why are those antelopes so happy? He's just gonna eat them in a few years.
  5. .....already making plans to have pad-Thai for lunch tomorrow...
  6. also depends on the severity of Diontae Johnson injury. back x-ray results come out tomorrow.
  7. lol @ them playing huge crowd cheers with empty seats in background.
  8. completely agree! Not that I have Madden to try it, but yeah that's definitely an outside the box solution.
  9. Not saying I want to do it or am even planning on it, just want to know if there's any outside the box suggestions out there. And there is a difference between an injury ending a player's season early (which happens in every fantasy sport, every single year), to this COVID thing where the player is healthy but the team isn't permitted to play.
  10. Thanks for replying. And yes, what can you do? There's not a nice, packaged solution for this. I'm saying something like "we're giving Titans owners their average points", or "the projected points", even though both of those solutions have plenty of flees of their own. I'm just wondering if anyone is adopting that type of solution.
  11. Alot of this discussion (and rightly so) is how the NFL is handling it. How are we handling the angry Henry owner, whom we argued last week that changing the bye is no big deal, to now he's out his #1 draft pick for a second consecutive week? Assuming the TItans/Bills game is postponed/forfeited/whatever- basically they don't play- but the rest of the league does. Is there any type of consensus? I've read a few leagues have adopted a "let the chips fall" policy- I'm saying aside from that.
  12. oh come on that was a BS call on Jacobs.
  13. thought Jacobs was gonna fumble there....ugh flag.