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  1. I'd go with Washington. He's proved himself a few weeks ago when Jacobs was out.
  2. I'm starting him in place of the injured Junis. Did pretty well 2 weeks ago.
  3. yeah we caught a break here with them announcing this so far in advance.
  4. good good, keep it in bounds, lets keep that clock a rollin'
  5. wow my opponent needed MT to score 26.5 points tonight and right now he's 2.5 points shy. After that 1st half I figured I was a goner. But Saints didn't have him out on that last drive, thinking he might be done for the night.
  6. I'm reading the Ravens will rest him during week 17 against the Steelers, which makes perfect sense, but what about week 16 against Cleveland? Haven't they clinched everything they need to this week? Would be ashame to not have him for your fantasy championship, but why should they risk an injury in a meaningless game?
  7. after the last 4 games can't blame anyone for not trusting him.
  8. Its the early exit thing which bugs me too. You can almost see it, he goes one series and is spotted trotting off the field holding his shoulder.
  9. I feel like these long Jet's drives are just eating into LJ potential of scoring gobs more points.
  10. So Jacobs was in a sling yesterday and couldn't hold the ball, but is still expected to play? Play what- checkers? Thanks for the link though, I'm for sure benching him now.
  11. this was a work league, 48 total teams divided into four 12 person "leagues" (separate player pools). Each league divided into 3 divisions with winners and 1 wildcard making playoffs. Then in weeks 15 and 16 the four league winners square off for championship; and yeah you've got a good chance of having at least some similar players to your opponent. Blows because 1st place was $500 and only cost a $10 donation to charity. Thought I had a good chance of making a run.
  12. Never been more thoroughly disgusted with the end of a FF season. After having crushed it with CMC, AJ, Diggs,Sanders, to just sputter out in 1st week of playoffs....like what good is a swinging dick in regular season if you go flaccid in playoffs? This past week, the teams that I needed to run the ball passed, and the ones I needed to air it out resorted to ground game. And forget streaming D- Philly got run by the Dolphins.