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  1. if he starts, i'm rolling him out there. he got us this far
  2. back at practice today. was honestly hoping he'd said out and we could roll with ahmed sunday. now i dont know what to do
  3. Any concern from best writers with the limited practice status this week? Is Penny still scheduled to come back this week? Carsons been a stud when he gets touches...just trying to confirm that he will get his touches Sunday
  4. Well...that was disappointing. 3 targets? Anybody that watched the game, was Miami rolling double coverage to him all game and he wasn’t able to get open, or was Kyler just looking elsewhere?
  5. Is BOB taking play calling a good thing or bad thing for our boy?
  6. Moving on... Apparently post-game Carroll said it was a knee sprain. What is the typical timeline for a running back coming back from a sprain? 2-3 weeks sound realistic? If that’s the case, this would be a huge break for Carson and his owners. Play looked terrible
  7. How’s the weather looking down there?
  8. Lost Sutton for the year so Parker is my new wr2. Starting him over Fuller tonight. Think (hope?) Parker has a safer floor, and has shown that he can ball out against good coverage. Not listed on the injury report, Fitz has shown that he likes to throw to him. feel pretty good about the process and decision to throw him in the lineup tonight.
  9. For those watching the game-are the Chiefs moving Hill around like they did last week? is Hill even out there running routes?
  10. Should’ve learned my lesson last year and not drafted Barkley again. Just never seems to pay off
  11. Yeah I’ve been using that one ever since RW app was discontinued. But I got a notification in the nbc app that rw support will be ending tomorrow
  12. Damn shame. I downloaded rotowire app and it’s terrible compared to rotoworld. Limited news feed and the font is way too small. It’s been all downhill since the nbc sports app replaced rotoworld app, but hell at least we were still able to look at player news fairly quickly and efficiently
  13. Apologies if this isn’t in the right section. got a notification on the nbc sports app that it won’t support rotoworld past tomorrow. Anybody else see this? Is there any other app that aggregates rotoworld news that we can use?
  14. Love inactive. Firing Gibson up in the flex spot. Let’s roll!!
  15. Awesome to have some semblance of normalcy back. The months of prepping start coming to fruition tonight. Can Fuller benefit with Nuk gone and become a wr1 when healthy? Will DJ show us glimpses of his former stud self? Will Tyreek house a 90 yard TD? Hell yes 🤫
  16. with sutton injuring his shoulder just made the decision to start fuller even easier. is the weather looking any better for tonight?
  17. Playing him over Sutton, mainly just bc I’m pumped for football to be back and want somebody to root for tonight. Lehgooooo
  18. I’m sorry man, but saying you’d start this guy over Gordon is ludicrous. You drafted Gordon in the 5th round for a reason. This hype train is officially off the tracks
  19. I took him in the 8th round in a half pot last night. Feel like white could be the most consistent rb on this roster, no? Michel/Harris uncertainty and Burkhead mixing in? Patriots have no proven pass catching options beyond Welker and White. Gotta think Cam will be dumping it off to the rb a ton this year-even prime Cam couldn’t throw deep and the Pats receivers are a hodge podge at best
  20. Barber is so blah, I think they’d have been better off keeping AD. Gibson is bigger, faster, stronger and healthier than Love, who is still recovering from an ACL year. McKissic has never been able to tote the rock. Sign me up for Gibson all day every day
  21. +100. Dropped him for Hyde to hand up with Carson. At this point there’s got to be better bets floating around on the wire
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