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  1. I would hang onto Cooper and Godwin, unless you can actually get a return like the the first response suggested. I personally have a hard time seeing anyone give up Taylor but who knows. Otherwise shop Edelman or McLaurin.
  2. I would probably lean toward Cole, though neither are great options in my opinion.
  3. Yeah, as long as you’re good at TE, I would take that deal.
  4. I’ve never really held onto depth for bye weeks. If it can improve my starting lineup, I always go for it. That being said, I like Cook more than Conner. If you’re going to shop one, I’d shop Conner.
  5. Hey all, Been listening to Fantasy Footballers and really enjoying it so far. Also listening to FantasyPros but not enjoying it as much. Was hoping to get some recommendations for some other podcasts that you guys enjoy listening to. I’ve searched the App Store but I mostly get the big ones (CBS, ESPN, etc.) Perhaps something that’s not as popular? All suggestions are appreciated.
  6. Nah, keep what you have. I honestly think Brady and that offense only gets better as the season progresses.
  7. I would probably keep what you have.
  8. Viewing on mobile so I can’t see it, sorry.
  9. It’s hard to say without knowing the rest of your team but it’s certainly not a bad trade. I’m a little higher on Gordon than most I think.
  10. I like Schultz better simply because I like his offense better.
  11. You def have the depth at RB to deal Gibson but AJ doesn't really offer you enough, if any, upgrade at WR. You're trading depth for depth in my opinion.
  12. Chark possibly but I would personally have a hard time dealing Allen for Akers, unless I was stacked at WR and very desperate at RB.
  13. I actually think I like Burrow. A lot of the experts are talking him up, saying he will only get better as the season goes on.
  14. Oh wow excellent deal in my opinion. I have Jones AND I’m a Packers fan but I would still take it. You might be getting 2 of top 5 overall RBs. I wish someone would make me this offer.