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  1. Please help starting 2 of 3 at RB and Flex RB Derrick Henry vs Tampa RB Marlon Mack vs Denver WR Tyrell Williams @ Houston Basically want to see if you’d fire up Tyrell Williams this week and who you’d start him over?
  2. I never veto trades but this one raises some eyebrows. What do you think team a - Barkley goes down aquires James White Matt Breida Team b receives melvin Gordon darren Waller
  3. I would get Kamara in this trade for JuJu and James Conner. PPR league. Rest of the team is in my signature. Fair trade? Would you do it?
  4. Who do you put at WR- RB- Flex- options are WR - Sterling Shepard, Tyrell Williams, Courtland Sutton, Mecole Hardman RB - James Conner, Marlon Mack, Jaylan Samuels, Raheem Mostreet im leaning WR - Sheppard RB - Conner Flex - Hardman
  5. I doubt the Chiefs had Hardman worked into their gameplan much anyway so it wasn't a surprise that he didn't start getting plays once Hill went down. This week should be telling. They should actually be working in plays for him this week and his usage will be more insightful going forward based on this information.
  6. I couldn't believe how cheap he is with what he did last year and getting himself a QB. Got him in the 11th round at 126. Couldn't believe he was still on the board. I debated taking him 2 rounds earlier but liked another guy and then had to handcuff the next round. Having him fall that far was a blessing.
  7. If he were my son, I'd pull an Archie Manning and tell them that he will never ever suit up for the Chargers.
  8. I hope the NFL players hold out next CBA because they are being totally screwed financially. Especially positions with short shelf life like RB. If they produce right away like RBs do, they should get paid like it week and week out, never guaranteed the next pay day. Chargers got him on the cheap for several years and now trying to lowball him? Get outta here. He should rather make less money in a better situation than get a slap in the face like that.
  9. Who cares? In the long run, 1 year means nothing. Not worth risking injury for only $5M. He should go to a better situation that will show his talents more beyond that awful offensive playbook and deemphasized offensive line.
  10. Whoever is telling him to suit up for the Chargers again is giving him bad advice. They don't value him at all and don't want him to be part of the team. Thats fine. Business decision on their part, but make the business decision on your part and get out of that awful situation.
  11. Hope he can swing a trade before then. Would be good for his value to get on a better team
  12. He should call up AB and take some pointers and get the hell out of California.
  13. I have 7. But it’s because they kept falling and we play 3 plus a flex. Much better than drafting a WR I know will put up points then other positions at handcuff
  14. Don't think I want the Packers to sign him but it would probably be best for AB. Small town may do wonders for him. Plus with Rodgers throwing him the ball, could do some damage. If I'm the packers, I probably wouldn't consider it though and if I did, it'd be a 1 year deal.