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  1. He signed a one-year deal with the Mets this offseason pitching in the NL East.
  2. It's likely that Newcomb will break camp as a member of the starting rotation for the Braves but the team would rather see him in the bullpen where he has tremendous value as a lefty reliever. Steve Painter
  3. I love FF, we all have short memories. Agree next year, he will be a high reward pick, but this year he is GARBAGE!
  4. I think the same applies to Zeke not being able to run against Pats D and Dak will take to the air but it depends on the wind at 4:25 PM start.
  5. Debating with replacing him with Carr, but I like Dak's floor. Bad weather, great Def doesn't bode well for him, but NE D stops the run so he may have to look to the air.
  6. Maybe coincidence, but it feels like his production has dropped since Jones took over, understanding his ankle injury, but it looks like Jones doesn't look to him on the first read.
  7. AJ has proven that he thinks he is bigger than the team. At least AB and Gordon were transparent and that it was about the Benjamin's during their holdout. AJ has held Cincy hostage with the injury. A great excuse to get paid and get credit for the year and not have to risk injury playing during a final contract year. We will be talking about this clown act six weeks from now wondering if he is gonna dress or not. Cannot see any reasonable NFL team wanting this guy for anything other than a 4th round and some contract relief.
  8. Great example of a professional athlete putting himself ahead of the team. End result is both lose out. Gordon must have known last year was a fluke and wanted to cash out before the smoke and mirrors got exposed and oh how have they shown the real MGIII
  9. Could get some rain today in NJ, how does that effect his play?
  10. Trade Howard to the Miles Sanders owner or to owner of two TEs for at least a Top 5 TE. Gotta keep Mahomes.
  11. My TE on Bye Week and these are available WW Fodder Vance McDonald - Pittsburgh Noah Fant - Denver OJ Howard - Tampa Bay
  12. VegasInsider odds maker has Gibson pitching today.
  13. Mets score 5 runs in the first, pulled after 2/3s of an inning. Hurt or horrible?
  14. Well if he returns between Weeks 6 - 8 and isn't going to play until after their bye week 12, he will be slotted into right the Fake Playoffs.