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  1. Not only did they cheat, they had a whole systematic operation!
  2. Man, why does there always have to be contrarians in these kind of topics? I mean, the manager and GM were both let go because of their negligence in this situation. Yet we have guys in this message board that are saying that the cheating didn't really help the Astros? Even if it didn't help, just the fact that they were doing it deserves a penalty.
  3. You guys are just mad that Mitchell Robinson became a bust for you. I mean I was shocked that he was ranked so high during the beginning of the season. Seeing as he's so raw and foul prone. I watched alot of Knicks game last year and he was an amazing shot blocker but that's all he was really providing.
  4. Somebody dropped him before this game, and I scooped him up immediately. I reaped the benefits last night of his 8 3's.
  5. They're only perplexing to you because you play fantasy. But Mitchell Robinson is a foul machine, and is still very young. The Knicks had to find quality bigs to back him up.
  6. Do you guys actually watched him play? I never considered him much of a rebounder. He's purely a shot blocking specialist. He gets into foul trouble alot , huge reason why he barely played more then 20ppg. I was shocked he had a 26 adp on Yahoo. Absolutely perplexing. Also add to the fact the Portis, Gibson will take some minutes from him if he gets into foul trouble.
  7. His FG% is going to keep getting lower if he continues to shoot so many 3's. Why does the team allow him to hoist so many 3 pointers for? He's not Steph Curry.
  8. I have a Julius Randle and he's not very good. I seen a couple of games and his style of play doesn't really fit the current NBA. Has no outside show, under sized, low IQ
  9. Yes, Jeremy Lin is young and wealthy but you do have to feel for the dude when you think about how hard he must have worked to prepare for this season. At the end of the day we're all HUMAN FREAKING BEINGS! Money shouldn't decide if you should feel sympathy for somebody or not! CMON PEOPLE! I heard the same thing about the Hayward injury. When these guys get injured, I'm pretty sure alot of them think about if this is the last time they will play again. What they have worked for the entire life , all gone just like that.
  10. Ok mr troll ive been playing for almost 10+ years. But it doesn't matter, don't reply back to me, troll.
  11. The only viable strategy is to punt blocks to be honest.
  12. Dont understand why anyone would punt assists seeing as the best players in the league are PGs and or wing players that rack up assists.
  13. I have Correa stashed and staring Kang but the guy hasn't played alot this week so might have to re -add elvis. Looks like he's hitting better at the 6th spot.
  14. Tired of owning him, can't drop him, can't trade him.. at least he's been hitting near the top of the order lately. That's the situation i'm in my 16 teamer