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  1. How does this happen on quarantine? Oh Mets. Always felt like a matter of time with this guy.
  2. Owned him last year and he killed me with abysmal control.
  3. Love has to crap out sooner or later. Right?
  4. Vintage Sap line. I just wonder if he can stay healthy enough to keep it up.
  5. Is the bloom off this rose?? Not bouncing back like he used to.
  6. Dude has been crazy streaky. .617 OPS in April, .843 in May, .839 in June, .543 in July and now hot again in August. Enjoying this while it last but there might beat least one more swoon and bounce back before all is said and done for 2019.
  7. Vegas over/under for wins this year was 85.5, right about their current pace. McNeil and Alonso exceeding expectations while Diaz, Familia and Cano have been busts. They've had a positive regression to the mean thanks to a run against bad teams. Let's see what happens what they play some tougher competition. But it looks like they will shake out not far off from spring expectations - decent team around .500 on the fringes of the playoff race.
  8. If he gets back to playing how he did before the shoulder injury, then hell yes.
  9. Looking at his hard hit rate and BABIP on Fangraphs over the second half, he could be in for a positive regression. Let's hope.
  10. Bat is legit. Not a very good fielder and Mets didn't have a spot for him most of the year. Getting good PT now with Dom Smith hurt.
  11. Minor league numbers look good, peripherals look good.
  12. This is extremely disappointing to say the least.
  13. Maybe getting off the astroturf as a groundball pitcher will help him.
  14. 9th losing season since 2009! Just terrible.