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  1. Expanding the playoffs like that would pretty much obliterate the value of the regular season. Let's hope not.
  2. Any long-term keeper value here? I'd never heard of him before this hot streak but he was a first round pick and the minor league numbers look pretty good.
  3. Have had this guy as a keeper since he made the majors and this is the roughest stretch I can remember.
  4. Definitely a lot to like but lack of power limits his upside, for fantasy purposes at least. He’s young so it could still be coming.
  5. I don't know what to do with this guy besides hope he turns it around and keep putting him out there every day. What a disappointment so far.
  6. Locked at loaded. Let's go (see?)!
  7. Saw one AB, believe it was his second, where he laced a sharp grounder down the first base line that would have been extra bases and at least one RBI if not for a nice diving play by the 1B. Optimistic as well.
  8. How does this happen on quarantine? Oh Mets. Always felt like a matter of time with this guy.
  9. Owned him last year and he killed me with abysmal control.
  10. Love has to crap out sooner or later. Right?
  11. Vintage Sap line. I just wonder if he can stay healthy enough to keep it up.