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  1. They just did an injury update during the game saying it was a shoulder sprain. Who knows to what degree but it doesn't sound too bad
  2. Frontcourt is thinning out with JJJ and now Clarke going down. From what I saw tonight he had a nice game but still only played like 2-3 minutes alongside Valanciunas. He'll get the backup C minutes and can still be productive but it seems like Josh Jackson is gonna start and get most of the minutes at the 4 spot if Clarke is out for a while
  3. Hurts Burks and GR3 badly, FG% might improve some but scoring and counting stats will certainly go down. But they are solid pieces, and with them coming in and nobody going out, they'll likely push Milton and Korkmaz to the back end of the rotation, might take some wing minutes from J-Rich when he returns, and will prob prevent a Thybulle breakout from ever happening this year Good for the Sixers, but from a fantasy perspective bad for all Sixers players
  4. He's got a huge opportunity in front of him but tbh I just don't think he has the best fantasy game. Doesn't seem like he'll get big steals or blocks and his %s are looking rough thus far (40.9% from the field and 55.6% from the line) in limited minutes. Also fouls a lot If Blake is out he'll rack up decent points/boards by sheer minutes, but getting those shooting %s up and swatting some shots will be key for his value
  5. Easy accept. AD is prob worth more than those 3 by himself, getting Jaylen is just icing
  6. I like Singletary, he's the guy now even in a bad matchup Andrews or Powell?
  7. Snell in standard Boyd in PPR, half I would lean Boyd
  8. I'm officially down to Andrews or Powell Andrews - Stud and Ravens have been putting up some fat scoring numbers, but Bills have only given up 2 TDs to tight ends all year, really limits his upside Powell - Bell out, but Montgomery will be involved to some degree. Playing the Fins but the Fins have looked better recently, no guarantee the Jets will be winning Help me out boys
  9. I'd start my girl Karen Hunt, should get between 10-15 touches, prob less than Powell but they will be of higher quality Appreciate the help
  10. Nice to be that stacked I'd go with Cousins, Edelman, Hopkins, and Moore. Moore has been killing it and Tyreek has by far the worst MU, I can see the Pats trying to scheme him out. Packers D Goodluck
  11. Relax bro I made this thread last night, people need to sleep. And to top it off you told me to play Fuller who is out with a hamstring injury, nice 😓
  12. With your scoring system I like the Eagles and I actually like Singletary a lot. All the "expert rankers" will have OBJ tho
  13. I'm in the same boat, FWIW Engram is out so that's 1 less weapon for Eli and the weather conditions are bad, although it's not clear if that helps or not. Just so tough to trust Philly after they s--- the bed against the Dolphins last week. With that said the Texans D are nothing special at all and Lock looks like a game manager type, may not be that easy to get sacks/TOs on him I'm leaning Iggles ever so slightly but don't feel good about it
  14. I would go Waller and Mack. Not the highest upside but I think they're the best bet for safe numbers