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  1. He's going to be out this week and nobody should be surprised by that. Just gotta hope he's ready to kill it weeks 14-16 after the bye for those of us that made the playoffs The Panthers have played it conservatively with his injuries this year, but it's Rhule's first year and they're not trying to tank for draft picks, they want to establish a winning culture. If he's feeling good and ready to play come week 14, he'll be out there.
  2. So does anyone actually know the deal with this dude? He practices Wed and Thurs and "looks good" then doesn't on Friday and is ruled out. There's no transparency, is his hip legitimately still hurt or is there some BS going on with the contract dispute? They just got their **** smacked in by the Panthers they could clearly use him out there
  3. It's PJ Walker's first game I gotta see it before I can trust him. I'd go with Fuller and Chark
  4. I'll make it easy for you. Bridgewater was ruled out just a few minutes ago
  5. Both have cake MUs but I'd go Ballage since he gets some receiving work as well
  6. All unexciting but I'd go with Brown he gets 8-10 touches including goal line carries. Just gotta hope he makes it in
  7. **** I still like Gio. Also not as high on Hines as everyone else, his usage is kinda unpredictable They're all close but I think I'd go with Duke, Gio, and Meyers/Chark. Leaning Chark
  8. I'd go with Tee, Meyers, and Ahmed Help in return?
  9. Ridley and Diontae, Coop did well that one game with Dalton but I'd make him prove it again before sitting one of those 2
  10. Ryan for sure, he's got Julio and Ridley again and Saints announced this morning that Lattimore's gonna be out
  11. Out of those options I like Reagor, think he could have a mini break out down the stretch
  12. I'd rather start Duke than Hines. Hines has played well before and then received 5 touches the next week. Duke is guaranteed 80-90% of the touches
  13. I know Herbert this week, read the post my man it's a trade for ROS. Mainly thinking about playoffs
  14. I like Jefferson best and then Higgins, after them would go with Godwin and Robby if Bridgewater plays. If he's out go with Chark, not a fan of starting 2 WRs from the same team. Good luck my dude Help in return?