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  1. Strong starters. No immediate needs. Can improve depth, but you should have the options to do so if needed later on.
  2. You're the only one that has gone against the grain on this one. Rest of team is: QB: Russell Wilson, Josh Allen RB: Nick Chubb, Josh Jacobs, Miles Sanders, Darwin Thompson, Jaylen Samuels WR: Julio Jones, Robert Woods, Josh Gordon, Will Fuller V, Desean Jackson TE: Jordan Reed D/ST: Browns Kicker: Jason Myers
  3. I have an opportunity to trade my Russell Wilson for his OJ Howard. Would it be silly of me to not accept this trade? 12 team. 1 QB starter. My backup/second QB is Josh Allen. 4pts per TD Pass. My current TE is Jordan Reed.
  4. Any recent news or thoughts on OJ Howard? He's been fairly quiet this preseason. My fear is the OL issues, and the need for more TE blocking if that is the case. Is OJ Howard a full-time player (snapcount wise), and is he a blocker or pure route running TE?
  5. Is this guy still not practicing? Any other news or details on this lower body injury?