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  1. I was thinking the same thing. Looks like he's just active for emergency.
  2. It’s him or Scantling rotating fantasy relevance every week. Neither are reliable.
  3. I'm starting him. 2 catches for 39 yards on 4 targets incoming.
  4. I thought of him as a good WR1 with upside to finish as the # 1 PPR WR. Now I think of him as a decent WR2 with a capped ceiling of high end WR2, maybe borderline WR1, but unlikely.
  5. Can't believe how bad the Giants are. Giving the best RB in the game 15 touches is a joke.
  6. Maybe because it's been 1 week, and in that week they played a team great against the TE, and Winston had probably his worst outing he'll have all year.
  7. No, it means the consensus top projected streamer of the week finished # 5. Not the actual best performance on the wire. I took that from a Fantasy Footballers Youtube video a month or two ago.
  8. TE just isn't a valuable position in fantasy because you only have to start 1. It's much more important to invest in WRs/RBs to protect yourself from injury. Streaming TEs last year finished as the 5th best TE. A rookie TE on a run-heavy offense with a poor OL doesn't project to do well longterm. With that said, maybe he can overcome this hurdle because I'll admit that the talent is very real. I'd be very hesitant to use a # 1 waiver on him though.
  9. Yeah, he's droppable, but he's still a solid handcuff/lottery ticket type.
  10. Andrews has the clear better situation and better schedule. He's my pick for sure. Hockenson is a rookie TE, his team's 3rd option, on a run-heavy team and has a poor OL so he'll have to block a lot. Who knows though situations on paper don't always matter, but I do think today was the perfect matchup. I used him in DFS this week, but I don't love his situation ROS. However he is a star talent, so maybe talent will beat out situation.
  11. Unstartable right now, but I wouldn't drop him yet either.
  12. Maybe you should drop your resume off on Tomlin's desk
  13. I said "possibly" so I don't think it is. He has the talent and draft pedigree, plus he looked outstanding today. If you watched the game, Boyd disappeared in the second half. It was quite annoying 'cause I started him in quite a few DFS lineups.