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  1. I saw a stat that he was one of the worst of all college RB at breaking tackles, and he isn’t fast, so he probably isn’t that great. Upside isn’t high, but he can be solid if the pieces fall in place for him to start.
  2. Solid late round flyer, but White will take up most of the receiving work, and Michel's injury isn't considered serious. Burkhead still lingering around as well. Lots of mouths to feed, and BB loves to feed 'em.
  3. Didn't want to go 2 backs here. There are still a lot of solid ones left, and Edwards is an analytic darling and clear value pick this late.
  4. Yes, that’s why I considered him. I ended up going with Edwards and McFarland though. Edwards has the legendary breakout age and 94th percentile college dominator score, and I’m shooting for the stars with McFarland. I don’t see Harris ever fully taking over in NE with the way Belichick likes to spread the work amongst his backs.
  5. In a startup draft. Relevant roster limits: 7 rb, 9 wr. Have 2 picks right now. Trying to decide between Edwards, McFarland, and Harris. Roster: Dobbins, Hunt, Dillon, Gibson Hill, Jeudy, Lamb, Reagor, Kirk, Mims With the news about Michel being on PUP, I’m thinking about going for Harris and one of the other, but before that I was probably going Edwards and McFarland for sure. Also if I go Harris and McFarland I can only pick 1 more RB in the last 5 picks. What do you guys think?
  6. Thanks for the help with mine! To be honest, this isn't my strong suit since I've only been in a keeper league once in my 8 year fantasy career. However, I am leaning towards trading for Mixon. It's very nice to secure a back of his caliber with a 2nd round keeper price tag, because in this format I assume he's a slam dunk 1st rounder. Also Hunt in the 6th isn't anything special. Sure next year it may be a value to keep him in the 5th, but I think I'd rather just secure Mixon for this year. I generally like to prioritize stars in fantasy, because rb3/wr3/matchup start players are usually very easy to find whether on the wire or trade market, so it's probably worth the upgrade even though you're downgrading your other picks. Overall, if you think the rest of your team is ready to compete now I think it's a great trade. If your team isn't the strongest I could see why keeping Hunt in the 5th next year is a solid move. It's clearly a hard decision, but I think you'll choose the right option. 😉
  7. In a vacuum, I'd agree, but taking into account the rest of the draft it's hard to justify taking the WR over the RB. RB is very scarce, as usual, and past round 4 you're not guaranteed an RB2 type guy. Whenever I start WR-WR at the end of the draft, I end up hating my RBs, and I'm also forced to take 2 RB2s in the 3rd and 4th when I could still have WR1s like Kupp, Woods, Cooper, Moore, etc. Not to mention the whole draft is full of WR value picks. 5th and 6th you can get guys like Hilton, Chark, Brown, McLaurin, Parker, etc, but the best backs available there are guys in time shares. Akers and Mostert are the only 2 backs I'd be comfortable with as my RB2s if I had stacked WRs already, but you're not guaranteed any of them in the late 5th. 7th and 8th there are virtually no good RBs left besides lottery tickets, but there are still plenty of WR2 types like Boyd, Gallup, Cooks, Fuller, etc, And 9th and 10th guys like Jones, Kirk, Slayton, Sanders, etc. make solid WR3s, with WR2 upside. TLDR: Best options as a late pick drafter (12-team PPR) 1) Draft 2 RBs in the 1st 2 rounds and guarantee yourself a solid draft with WR value picks in every round. 2) Draft WR-RB in 1st 2 rounds, RB-WR next 2 for slightly more risk, more reward. If you start WR-RB-WR-WR your RB2 will be a time share vet or lottery ticket. If you start WR-WR-RB-RB you miss out on the great value pick WRs in the 3rd and 4th. A league isn't won on draft day, but it can certainly be lost on it.
  8. I was thinking the same thing. Looks like he's just active for emergency.
  9. It’s him or Scantling rotating fantasy relevance every week. Neither are reliable.
  10. I'm starting him. 2 catches for 39 yards on 4 targets incoming.
  11. I thought of him as a good WR1 with upside to finish as the # 1 PPR WR. Now I think of him as a decent WR2 with a capped ceiling of high end WR2, maybe borderline WR1, but unlikely.
  12. Can't believe how bad the Giants are. Giving the best RB in the game 15 touches is a joke.
  13. Maybe because it's been 1 week, and in that week they played a team great against the TE, and Winston had probably his worst outing he'll have all year.
  14. No, it means the consensus top projected streamer of the week finished # 5. Not the actual best performance on the wire. I took that from a Fantasy Footballers Youtube video a month or two ago.
  15. TE just isn't a valuable position in fantasy because you only have to start 1. It's much more important to invest in WRs/RBs to protect yourself from injury. Streaming TEs last year finished as the 5th best TE. A rookie TE on a run-heavy offense with a poor OL doesn't project to do well longterm. With that said, maybe he can overcome this hurdle because I'll admit that the talent is very real. I'd be very hesitant to use a # 1 waiver on him though.
  16. Yeah, he's droppable, but he's still a solid handcuff/lottery ticket type.
  17. Andrews has the clear better situation and better schedule. He's my pick for sure. Hockenson is a rookie TE, his team's 3rd option, on a run-heavy team and has a poor OL so he'll have to block a lot. Who knows though situations on paper don't always matter, but I do think today was the perfect matchup. I used him in DFS this week, but I don't love his situation ROS. However he is a star talent, so maybe talent will beat out situation.
  18. Unstartable right now, but I wouldn't drop him yet either.
  19. Maybe you should drop your resume off on Tomlin's desk
  20. I said "possibly" so I don't think it is. He has the talent and draft pedigree, plus he looked outstanding today. If you watched the game, Boyd disappeared in the second half. It was quite annoying 'cause I started him in quite a few DFS lineups.
  21. He's still TD dependent since he doesn't get passing work. He's a good RB2, but I wouldn't get my hopes up too high (RB1). I have him in my main league, so obviously I hope I'm wrong.
  22. 16 carries to CJA's 11. His OL looks poor, and the offense in general is average at best. That's very worrisome, and he's not getting the passing work I thought he'd inherit from Riddick. This was a perfect matchup too. Looking like a low end RB2 type of guy. I invested in him pretty heavily, so this sucks.
  23. He possibly usurped Boyd as their # 1 while Green is out, and I'm a big Boyd fan. Looked fantastic today.