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  1. Put this kid on your call up shortlist this year. The centerpiece in the Machado trade Kremer was the 2018 MiLB strikeout king
  2. Any day now I'm expecting them to bring back Mark Reynolds
  3. Toss out Chase Edmunds. It's rather evident Kingsbury will simply throw it 90%+ of the time if David Johnson is out. He simply doesn't give a s--- about RBs..Kliff has DJ blocking Defensive Ends on 3rd downs in order to have the max amount of receivers in a formation and keep the minimum possible blocking in. You really think this man is going to give Edmunds a real time share if David Johnson goes down?
  4. He's always around the ball...has that Steeler-playmaking ability/right place at the right time that can always pleasantly surprise any given week....i'm excited redraft leagues or not
  5. It was all garbage time for Gus Edwards. With more neutral game script we should see more Justice Hill
  6. You do realize it's been 1 game and the whole reason you owned Lewis is because Derrick Henry is game script dependent.
  7. I'm holding in PPR; Stills isn't a true slot receiver and not as quick or shifty as Coutee is to operate as well in short intermediate routes
  8. He still returning punts a la Antonio Brown? Would be a boost in my league
  9. Christine Michael going to Kool-Aid man our plans isn't he?
  10. one Sammy Watkins tweaked hamstring away from everyone's waiver wire darling
  11. On Yahoo would a Suspended guy like Chris Herndon be keepable at the NA slot?
  12. What was Robles hit grade? Why am I seeing comps to Billy Hamilton here that just seems absurd if you've seen both play
  13. Lewis Thorpe called up for Twins