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  1. Yeah was 24 pts when I went to bed, woke up to 18. Almost cost me the win wtf?!
  2. Wow thought there would be more talk in here after he went off last week. That said, hard to trust in SanFran...
  3. I pulled the trigger and dropped him yesterday anfter he was ruled out for Week 11. You can add that data point to you study haha I'd say this was the worst draft pick I've ever made, but it was round 10 or 11... and I grabbed JuJu in Round 2, so that may have even been worse hahaa
  4. Was definitely going to play him this weekend but with his missing practice this week, I'm now a bit hesitant. Still would like to roll him out as long as he's cleared Sunday, but damn Hollywood, for such a young dude he sure stays dinged up...
  5. Picked him up, not sure if I'll play him, but I figured if he has a good week this week, he'll be the top add so wanted to preempt the run on guice. Here's to hoping he goes big. Still may flex him, considering all options... All aboard Choo chooo!!
  6. Me too but may drop for guice if he doesn't practice today....
  7. Pitt D is rough. I think Chubb will have some hard sledding today. Does that mean that Hunt could see a lot of check downs and passes out in the flat? I'm tempted to start him but certainly a risky a proposition!
  8. Damn, I'm jealous. [...] If AJ is a no-go on Sunday, I may make that back-to-back Sundays and drop him.... (would probably feel even better)
  9. Guicey Guice, who gonna roll the dice? Has coach said anything about Guice vs. AP? I'm guessing that since they're going young, he'll get a bunch of the carries to see how he works out. That said, even with touches, is he enough to merit starter touches? Questionable, questionable....
  10. Oh I checked that out as I was sifting through WW options, that plus Fitzmagic as the foreseeable future starter were the factors that helped me pull the trigger and grab him. I have a soft spot in my heart for McLaurin, but I value Parker higher than him ROS. A bit concerned about his flex value this week tho...
  11. Ah yeah, I think I spend too much time on forums and boards. I'm kind of numb to seeing those types of responses hahaa, didn't even really take much note of those particular comments. Classic internet troll type talk. Wishing injury on someone else for your personal benefit is the classic me-me-me, narcissistic, egocentric internet world of 2019...
  12. that 49er Def looked super tough on Monday night. I'd love to roll Kirk back out there, but it's definitely a tough matchup. Looks like there are a couple injuries on SF, but not sure it'll be enough. Kyler won't have much time to throw, Sherman will lock Fitz down, and while I think Kirk may pick up some yards, I'm not sure it'll be enough to roll him out there...
  13. ehhhh I mean.... you know you're on a Fantasy Football forum right? lol Are you expecting people that drafted and have held him all season to be celebrating that he was just held out of practice again? hahaa, personally I'm not butthurt, but I am kicking myself for drafting this dude, major facepalm move 🤦‍♂️
  14. I'm on the fence about Sanu. I have him, and like him, but he's coming off that big week, and wondering if this could be the perfect time to sell-high. Or, will he blow up, and at WR2 help take me to the title? 🤔
  15. Floor has been pretty decent, ceiling is a bit concerning. That said 8-10 pts in half-ppr league as a floor for a WR2/3 is pretty decent. Will be on the fence if I roll him out there this week...