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  1. Not looking forward to rostering this headache. Guaranteed he goes off next week when everyone benches him.
  2. Well, ****. Yeah this dude is riding the bench until Johnson is hurt again, which might not be too far down the road.
  3. [...] How serious was the Diontae Johnson injury? The only way he will be relevant is if that guy misses time.
  4. Every single time I play Matt Ryan he ***** the bed. Every time.
  5. Have Conner in one league, login against him in another. I'm confused on how to feel.
  6. If that OL makes holes like they did last night, Bell could speed walk through them and get plenty of yards. People who are saying Bell is washed are idiots.
  7. Gonna watch Herbert ball out while TT holds the clipboard.
  8. Dropped Ryan for this dude, Ryan's floor was way too low for me. I also doubt Julio is going to be healthy this entire year, and who knows if they continue to lose what happens to players on that team as far as playing time.
  9. Dropped for Herbert. Ryan's floor is way too damn low for my liking.
  10. Packers can you stop Gurley from scoring? It's obvious that he is their only weapon. Good grief.
  11. He could look like Fat ******** Albert running for all I care, as long as he gets yards like he did yesterday.
  12. They run 35ish times a game, even a 70/30 spilt is 10-11 carries. I would think he's a decent flex, depending on matchups. With that Cleveland O-line, you can be a JAG and do decent.
  13. All im saying is the Browns are not like the Steelers and Titans. They split carries with their backs, and they run 35ish times a game...So to think this undrafted kid wont get 10+ carries a game after almost rushing for 100 yards is laughable. Hunt will be the lead dog for sure, but this kid will have a flex role.
  14. They run the ball 35ish times a game, even 30% of that is around 11. He will be involved. The Browns are not all of a sudden going to go Steelers/Titans mode. If the kid sucked this past game maybe, but he almost had 100 yards.