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  1. Was offered Dak Prescott and Brandon Cooks for Cooper Kupp. I have Brees as my QB and Ridley, Evans, Cupp, CeeDee and Cory Davis as my WRs. PPR league. Start 3 WRs. Would you do this trade?
  2. Ppr. Start one of Emmanuel Sanders, Sterling Shepard or Chris Conley. WHIR
  3. Was just offered T Coleman, David Johnson and K Allen for Carson, Penny and Alshon. PPR league and my other RBs are CMC and Zeke. WRs are M Evans, ARob, S Sheperd and E Sanders. WHIR
  4. I would go with Brown. Number 1 option on his team with a safer floor.
  5. Need to start one of these guys ESanders, Shepard or Alshon. WHIR
  6. PPR league. Which 2 of these guys would you start. E Sanders vs Ari, R Freeman vs Min or A Tate vs Oak?
  7. Ppr league. Already clinched playoffs. Would this be an upgrade? Still have Evans, ESanders and Alshon. Or stay put.
  8. PPR league. First place at 8-1. Team in Sig. Would this be an upgrade with Detroit needing to pass with their terrible RBs? Will still have Evans, AJG and Alshon.
  9. I would do this trade. Your starters are upgraded. You would be thin at RB but will be better overall
  10. I would go Cooks as well. Mclauren has a tough match up and you can't trust Mixon anymore.
  11. I would stay put. I don't think you need Ertz and Hunt probably won't do much this year unless Chubb gets hurt. I don't think Stafford is much of an upgrade over Wentz either.
  12. Currently 6-1 in first place. Was offered my choice of OBJ/Mike Evans and Waller for Hopkins and Devante Parker. Would I be better off sticking with Hopkins and Herndon or making one of those trades? Team in sig WHIR
  13. Yeah just Brandin Cooks. He does have Dalvin as well but won't give him up
  14. 3 player ppr keeper league. Would give up my first next year which will be 9-12 probably. Keeping 3 players makes it more like pick 45-48 in player talent. Going for a second championship in a row. Team is in sig.