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  1. Thanks for mine! I think Kupp is not the choice for same reasons mentioned above. Between Jones and Fournette, despite the coach comments I’d still go Jones. Fournette is getting the volume, too, so at this point my tiebreaker would be who’s on the better team.
  2. Thanks! James Washington, Coutee, Quinn...
  3. I’d definitely offer Freeman and Grapes first. I think it’s fair. Are you concerned you’ll lose his eagerness to trade if he declines that? Hopefully not, and I could see coming back with Singletary as a show of willingness to negotiate in his favor where he’ll hopefully bite. Good luck and thanks for mine!
  4. Thanks for mine! I think the offer is good for you if he will take it. Otherwise, I’d grab Brissett, Rudolph or Jones in that order.
  5. 10-team 1/2 pt PPR Start 2 RB + 4 WR (super flex, but won't confuse matters) Trade offer of his Bell and Jared Cook for my Juju and OJ Howard Should I do it? Definite upgrade at RB since Jacobs is blowing it. But, to give up Juju? I know Ben's gone, but he should still be great, right? Here's who I have currently: RB: CmC, Jacobs, Samuels, AP, Hyde, Bernard WR: AB, Juju, Cooks, Marvin Jones Jr, Samuel, Sutton TE: Howard, Hooper WHIR!!
  6. 12 team dynasty ppr salary based freeman on IR so I have an extra $26 loaiig AJ for who knows how long and I have a shot at playoffs. Mack is my starting RB. Offer is: i get Hilton and Jordan Howard he gets Mack and my 2nd round rookie draft pick next year. Shoud I do it?
  7. Your trade offer options are mighty tempting. But I would stay put. And your order is perfect. Help me?
  8. QBs are deep this year. I know it’s 2QB, but I would seriously consider Allen and Collins for those prices. Good luck! Help me out?
  9. 12-Team PPR dynasty salary-based got offered: Funchess, Stills and Jamal Williams for: Collins, Clay, and Panthers Should I do it? Roster: QB/RB/WR(2)/TE/flex Cam D Freeman AJG OBJ Kelce Collins Rams bench notables: Panthers, Garcon, Burkhead, Clay, Jordy
  10. I know it's tempting to get upgrade WR, too, but you can get more for sure. Help with mine, please?
  11. Team is in signature. Salary is capped at $167. Looking to upgrade WR and here is the current offer. Is it fair/too lopsided one way or the other (and which way)? I get: AJG and Tevin Coleman (I have Freeman) He gets: Mixon/Baldwin/1st round rookie pick next year The salaries basically offset. Thoughts?