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  1. Agree with trying for offer 3 first. But offer 1 looks solid too. CMC is/was consensus #1, but new offense and only one way to go from there. He’s got youth on his side but you do have depth there. Keeper league wise it would be awesome to keep Thomas and Henry if you can swing both deals. thx for mine!
  2. Higgins at WR. And, if you can afford the bench spot and have patience, I feel like Akers has more upside when and if they start using him. I don't trust any Pats RBs. Thanks for mine!
  3. Thanks for mine! I had the same concern as fbi, but I get your response to it. Given RB depth is more valuable, I like the trade. And, regarding Johnson vs. Samuel, I would rather give up Samuel and keep DJ for ROS. Better QB.
  4. I see you're challenged at TE, but no way I'm giving up Zeke for even an elite TE unless the RB return is solid (Mixon/Hunt/Taylor range minimum). Singletary is not that, IMHO. Help with mine?
  5. CEH is trending down with Bell in the mix going forward. Lamar is gonna be Lamar, but Murray is not that far of a drop-off. Jrob is at no immediate risk of giving up volume, so I like Side B, actually. Help with mine?
  6. I feel like you're deep enough at RB to drop White instead. Help with mine?
  7. 12-team half-PPR in signature (2nd one listed). Am I insane not to take this? I realize Evans had a bad day yesterday, and has admittedly been a bit up and down so far. And, I also realize Waller is a valuable TE where TE has started to dry up and just came off his bye. But, I do have Goedert who will return soon (hopefully), so not really relying on Hurst. It's more like Evans for Waller, right? WHIR 100%!
  8. I would try for Arob instead of Cooper given the unknown in Dallas. Having said that, Dalton does tend to lean on his WR1 as we’ve seen with Green. But Arob is getting those targets whoever is there and is already showing it. You might have to give up some more RB value than Henderson and Harris but worth it to me. Thanks for mine!
  9. I feel like they have the edge but only slightly. Depends on the rest of your roster. And Allen just went down and not sure for how long which could hurt you. Check on that first. Help with my blockbuster?
  10. Dynasty salary-based 12T PPR (team in sig) Monster offer just made to me that I want to accept. Please let me know if I’m missing something. I get: Zeke, Juju, Mostert, Beasley He gets: Mixon, Diggs, Gordon, Lindsay, Herbert Lindsay and Beasley are kind of throw aways. But Juju scares me lately. And Herbert is on fire while Ryan and Garoppolo have sucked. Other than that, I’m getting Zeke in a dynasty league which makes me excited. Should I accept? WHIR!
  11. Thx for mine - I agree with the others - this leaves you too thin at RB - I'd be looking to include an RB in return. I get that Drake is trending downward, but it's hard to sell him low right now. Same with Moore, unfortunately. I'd stay put and hope they turn it around and live up to where you drafted them. Good luck!
  12. Agree - sucks, but has to be Harris out of those guys. Help with mine?
  13. Yes, given you have Andrews. I would absolutely do that based on your RBs. Help with mine?
  14. Yes, you're stacked at RB and this helps you at WR. Help with mine?