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  1. Sanders has carved out a decent role for himself. Over 10 games he has averaged: 8.7 carries/game for 37.4 Y/G (4.1 Y/A) 3.1 Targets/G (translating into...) 2.4 Rec/G (77.4% catch rate) He is also their KR who averages 1.4 KR/G for 22.4 Y/KR as a nice bonus for those of you rewarded for KR yardage and TDs (my league does). Considering these stats, he has totaled 104.8 points which is an average of 10.48 PPG. That's good enough for a strong flex or RB2 consistent #s depending on your league's size. Considering his draft position, I'm pretty happy with these stats.
  2. Possibly better than 50/50, but even if he does play, he could be hindered by his injuries. Since I'm playing to even make playoffs at this point, I'm weighing the risk/reward a little differently than if I were in the position where I had a high probability of making them. Better to gather as much information as you can, then make an educated decision rather than cross your fingers and hope for the best.
  3. Definitely has the feeling of a let down. I had IND picked and switched to NO after learning Brissett was out.
  4. Sounds like a coin flip he suits up. I've already went ahead and dropped Prater for Boswell as a result of this. Adjust your rosters or at the very least, have a back up plan in place just in case Stafford sits out.
  5. Let me start off by saying that it would be awesome if this were true. However, there isn't a snowball's chance in hell this happens. Hooper is the leading TE1 right now with 113.55 points so far this season and only 1 game where he scored just single digits. Waller and Kelce are in the high 90s. We are well into the second half of the season and Gesicki has 33.4 points so far. He would literally need to put up well into double digit PPG through the end of the season and all the other TE1s at or near Hooper's triple digit scoring level would need to totally tank, get injured or somehow turn into Antonio Brown overnight and get themselves kicked out of the league. P.S. Don't count Kittle out of your fairy tale.
  6. OBJ will hopefully be traded to a team that has a real quarterback who can make throws. What a bust of a 2nd round draft pick...
  7. It's nice to see some insightful posts in here. I have been skeptical using the forum lately because so much of what is posted is Op Ed subjective garbage, hype or bashing that is totally useless when trying to seek out useful information. [...]
  8. I think Kirk has some slight upside over Henry, but not by much. I'd actually go Henry here unless you are facing an opponent where you need that extra upside. Thanks for the help on mine.
  9. Standard 10 team league Engram is out, so I need to fill in at least for this week and possibly more. Who ya got? Gesicki @ IND Olsen @ GB Hollister @ SF Griffin vs NYG
  10. DJ and Edmonds out. Even with touches, I don't think he's going to produce that much. My guess is he has 1 rushing play for decent yardage (15-20), but bottled up the rest of the night. If he is lucky, totaling 50-60 yards rushing plus another 2-3 catches for 20-30 yards. 9ers are going to be putting pressure on Kyler which isn't going to give their offense much of a chance.
  11. FWIW, even with Sanu gone, I'm not risking Ridley today with Schaub chucking the ball to him. I am playing Fitzgerald instead. Ridley will probably go off huge now that I've benched him. Don't forget to tip your dealer...
  12. I've got limited other choices, so yes, unfortunately.
  13. Gotcha. Something tells me he will have a good game this week, so I actually put him in for Ridley in one of my leagues. Call me crazy, but it's just a hunch against NO and Edmonds being in there, tearing it up and getting NO to commit to the run leaving Murray to toss the ball out to Fitz. Maybe it's wishful thinking, but we shall find out soon. GL
  14. You make a fair point, but I'm curious who you think he is droppable for? I don't see there being much in the way of upside in terms of FA availability in my 12 team league.
  15. He's suiting up: The question is whether or not we start him. My alternative is Mixon, so I'm rolling the dice with AP. Considering this, he will probably pull a DJ, run for 2 yards and be out the rest of the game, so best ya'll bench him.