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  1. Yep, it is all smoke and mirrors to make opponents game plan for both him playing and not playing.
  2. I'm feeling this way for sure. Unless Chubb royally screws up or gets injured, Hunt is going to get a handful of runs in each game on top of a handful of catches. He will have a game or two where he goes off, but realistically, I see him putting up 8-12 points on average per game. Good enough for a weekly Flex play.
  3. You've already made the trade, so why are you coming in here? To gloat? To get a pat on the back? Take the JV rubbish out of here...
  4. I think it will be somewhere in between what you two are saying. Taylor will receive an increase as will Hines. Maybe even a hot hand approach.
  5. I can't argue with your logic. However, the fact that they keep losing games in this fashion (look at the superbowl), shows that they NEED to change up their game plan and actually start relying on Kittle more to make the big plays when they are needed. He's their best offensive weapon. Call some more clever plays using him as well as Juszczyk. Not every game, but don't be so predictable with trying to just run the clock and hope we can keep getting 1st downs through just running. It's easy to predict and adjust your defensive play calls to try and stop it.
  6. I've watched enough of Baker's play to see he was not going to amount to anything good enough to lead the Browns to anything meaningful (ie: playoff winning seasons). He has some sparks of life here and there, has athleticism, but overall, he is a poor NFL level QB. He doesn't have downfield vision, his reactions and instincts are not quick enough to throw/protect the ball when needed and all of this leads to an underproducing offense. For goodness sakes, he makes OBJ look like a scrub. I know OBJ isn't the same WR he was 4 years ago, but if he was paired with Brees, Rodgers or any other QB with elite field awareness, he'd be putting up WR1 numbers consistently. Until they have a better QB, the browns will continue to be the pooh stains their name insinuates.
  7. Sanders owner here, I picked Scott up off waivers and am Flexing him over Singletary, D Jax, Parker and Crowder. He's got an opportunity to carve out more looks in the future once Sanders returns, so I can see him proving his worth this game. Good luck all in week 1.
  8. Agreed. What's the point of pushing it in week 1? Possibly aggravating it or experiencing a setback that keeps you out longer? Poor decision making/coaching here. I'm sitting him for Chark. Good luck week 1 all.
  9. Probable is no longer an option, so questionable tag is the "most optimistic" option at this point. I'd be willing to bet he is a go week 1 and looks pretty good. Wouldn't be surprised if he was somewhere in the 50-60% snap range.
  10. Thanks. There wasn't anything listed when I google'd it and I didn't see any specific forum threads, which is what I thought you meant by "this website", not the main site. For anyone else curious: Saints officials are talking to the Louisiana state government to secure permission to play Sunday in New Orleans against the Bucs. Playing through a pandemic means NFL teams will have to navigate local and state policies designed to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell said phase two of the city's COVID-19 plan does not allow football; Cantrell's top medical advisor said the Saints have applied to play their Week 1 game this Sunday. One would think this would be squared away, but one would be wrong. It's a situation to monitor headed into the weekend. Source: Travers Mackel on Twitter Sep 10, 2020, 3:10 PM ET
  11. * Calls Latavius * Get your helmet on son, it's time!
  12. Disclaimer: This is coming from someone who is not a Patriots fan in any way, so I don't feel there to be any confirmation bias on my part. I picked up Gronk at the last pick of the 9th in one league and mid-round in the 11th. I had already filled my other positions enough that I felt like there wasn't much of a risk at this juncture in the draft. Additionally, there is no way Gronk comes out of retirement to just be a decoy. There will be a connection to some degree. Unless Gronk suffers a big injury that keeps him out more than 4+ games this year, I can see him producing solid numbers to the tune of: 60-75 REC 700-900 YDS 8-12 TDs He will provide clutch receptions when needed (ie: 3rd downs) and feast well in the endzone given the fact they have 2 viable TE options who will probably play more on 1st and 2nd.
  13. Sanders has carved out a decent role for himself. Over 10 games he has averaged: 8.7 carries/game for 37.4 Y/G (4.1 Y/A) 3.1 Targets/G (translating into...) 2.4 Rec/G (77.4% catch rate) He is also their KR who averages 1.4 KR/G for 22.4 Y/KR as a nice bonus for those of you rewarded for KR yardage and TDs (my league does). Considering these stats, he has totaled 104.8 points which is an average of 10.48 PPG. That's good enough for a strong flex or RB2 consistent #s depending on your league's size. Considering his draft position, I'm pretty happy with these stats.