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  1. Hello All, Welcome back to Football. Good luck this year. Need 3 from the below. WHIR A J Green W Fuller K Allen J Edelman D Parker j Landry Love Fuller but rightfully nervous. Any and all help appreciated
  2. Non ppr 6 points for TD and one point for every 20 yards receiving WHIR
  3. Mack and Freeman. Freeman look at KC field conditions They will be running a lot
  4. Have a bunch of WR's that all are really close. Need to pick 3. Win and I am in the Super Bowl for my league. 6 points TD's and 1 point for every 20 yards receiving. Keenan Allen Julian Edelman Jarvis Landry Emanuel Sanders D Parker W Fuller Parker hurt me last week, luckily I still won. All help much appreciated Happy Holidays and good luck! Thank you
  5. I have the same question Seeing this I am leaning Ravens.
  6. Hello, Need help in a couple of areas. Per below Pick a defense. Baltimore vs Jets I have Baltimore NE Patriots vrs Cinn Bengals I have NE Leaning towards Baltimore Separate league pick 3 WR's out of the below K Allen J Edelman J Landry E Sanders D Parker (Played Parker last week, won any way but, don't feel that lucky this week. Any and all help appreciated, WHIR anytime. Thank you!
  7. Tough decision here R Tannehill M Ryan T Brady Leaning towards Ryan but, Tannehill is awfully appealing. WHIR
  8. Need to pick 3 out of the below. 1 point every 20 yards receiving 6 points TD Jarvis Landry Keenan Allen Devante Parker Julian Edelman. Leaning towards Landry, Edelman & Allen. Parker is really pulling at me. Really could use the help. WHIR. Good luck today to all.