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  1. I like either of those and think they're possible. I like Allen's solid floor and high ceiling more than Hill's low floor, high ceiling personally, but either of those is a good option ROS.
  2. I agree with everyone in saying that you should keep Burton. TE is a really bad position this year, but Burton has been fairly consistent even if it's only from specific plays designed for him. Nagy seems to want to use the TE to help Trubisky, so I think Burton is a solid play ROS.
  3. I started the season off 6-1 but have lost two in a row to be 6-3. I have two pretty tough matchups the next two weeks against a 7-2 team and a 6-3 team, followed by two easier games. I'm predicting myself to be 8-5/9-4 which would be good enough to make the playoffs almost guaranteed. However, I can't help but tilt a little given how poor my team has been the last two weeks. Here's my roster... QB: Rivers, Fitzpatrick RB: Gurley, Ingram, Howard, Duke Johnson WR: Evans, Hilton, John Brown, Fitzgerald, Tre'Quan Smith, Christian Kirk, DJ Moore TE: Njoku K: Butker D/ST: Streaming/(Trying to hold Broncos for playoffs) IR: Foreman I'd like to sell high on Howard with a WR package, but I honestly don't know what his real value is because I feel like most people think he's a sell high so it's too obvious for some. My main concern is Ingram and Howard not being able to consistently perform at the level to push the very strong teams in my league. I would also like to consolidate some of my WR depth to pickup a D/ST for this week, M. Brown in case Gurley gets hurt/sits later in the year. Any help is appreciated! WHIR
  4. I think Watkins is probably who I would go after as well, considering the offense and Hill's potential injury.
  5. I'm in a 1.0 PPR league, going to be 6-2 after this week. My roster is as follows: QB: Rivers, Winston (lol) RB: Gurley, Ingram, Howard, Duke, Foreman, Mostert WR: Evans, Hilton, J. Brown, C. Kirk, M. Williams, Tre'Quan Smith TE: Njoku His... QB: Brees, Mayfield RB: Lindsay, Barber, Breida, Smith, Cook WR: Julio, Diggs, Boyd, Edelman, M. Jones, Goodwin TE: Kittle I've just been offered the following trade... His: Dalvin Cook, Matt Breida, and Baker Mayfield for My: Jordan Howard, Christian Kirk Is this something you would consider, or is there a better counter offer to be had? WHIR
  6. I meant via FA/waivers. Some leagues have guys that are top-24 in scoring still on the waivers. If those guys are available you have to drop Fitz, especially if your team is in "win now" mode. Kirk has played well, but 1/3 of his yards and fantasy production have come off of one play, so I would like to see more sustained production before I consider him to be a major threat to Fitz. Bottom line, Josh Rosen isn't throwing the ball very much at all and hasn't been very accurate either. In three games, he's throwing 49.2%. That's the sixth-worst of ANY QB this season, behind Jacoby Brissett (0/1, 0%), Lamar Jackson (1/5, 20%), Nathan Peterman (5/18, 27.8%), Matt Cassell (2/6, 33.3%), and Tyrod Taylor (41/84, 48.8%). Per NFL's NextGen Stats, Rosen has the fourth-lowest Completion Percentage Above Expectation in the NFL, behind Blaine Gabbert, Tyrod Taylor, and Josh Allen. Bottom bottom line: Arizona offense is bad. Josh Rosen isn't throwing accurately right now. Fitz is injured. Three negatives that are hindering Fitz at the moment.
  7. I think a lot of this depends on your situation. Of those you listed, I think Coutee is the only one I would consider right now. The draft capital argument is a solid one. I'm currently 4-1 and have shored up my WRs with trades/pickups so that I don't have to think about starting Fitz even as a flex. Holding him is essentially the same as holding a lottery ticket. Despite my previous post, I think there are arguments for both sides, so even though I think I'll hold for a little while longer, anyone who has the opportunity to offload Fitz for a sure-fire FLEX with WR2 upside should do so. Over the course of the season, big boom players can be packaged to acquire a WR2, so it's possible that someone who holds Fitz and someone who moves on could have similarly-valued players at season's end even if Fitz comes back to his WR2 numbers. My only hope is that Rosen improves as well as Fitz's health and we can at least see someone who can average double digit (10-15) points every week.
  8. This post was intended to be short, but it turned into a bit of a statistical rabbit hole if I'm being honest. Fitz has 27 targets on the year for 17 receptions. That's a catch percentage of 63%. Top 10 Fantasy WRs (PPR) This Season 1. Adam Thielen: 71.2% on 66 targets 2. Michael Thomas: 93.9% on 49 targets 3. DeAndre Hopkins: 68.4% on 57 targets 4. Cooper Kupp: 73.2% on 41 targets 5. Davante Adams: 67.3% on 55 targets 6. Antonio Brown: 53% on 66 targets 7. Stefon Diggs: 67.3% on 55 targets 8. Tyreek Hill: 69.2% on 39 targets 9. Odell Beckham, Jr.: 66.1% on 59 targets 10. Robert Woods: 70.7% on 41 targets Fitz was the 16th most-targeted WR in Week 1 with 10 targets. Since then, he's averaged 4.25 targets/game. If he had maintained his Week 1 target numbers (16th in the NFL) for the first five weeks, he would be at around 44 targets, not 27. At that catch rate, he would have 28 receptions. With a rate of 0 touchdowns and a yards per reception rate of 10.35, Fitz would have a stat line of 28 receptions, 290 yards, 0 touchdowns. In PPR formats, that's 57 points which puts him in the low-end WR3/high-end WR4 territory, whereas he is now the WR71 (WR6 range). The Cardinals as a team have a TD/reception rate of 5%. The Chiefs (most receiving TDs) have a rate of 12.5%. The 49ers (16th most) have a rate of 8.1%. The Bills (fewest) have a rate of 2.9%. The Cardinals rank 31st in the NFL in completions/receptions and rank 28th in attempts/targets. They also rank 29th in rushes attempted this year. They've scored the second-fewest points this season. They've run the fewest plays this season. TL;DR: The Cardinals offense is really bad, and they simply don't run enough plays, throw enough passes, or score enough touchdowns to really make for a solid receiver in fantasy. For the moment, I think it's safe to trade/drop Larry Fitzgerald, especially if there are some shining targets in the FA pool.
  9. Are the Chargers droppable at this point? Main streaming options would be 49ers and Bengals...
  10. I can see him rocketing into a WR1 territory if he continues to explode like he is. All in all, I think he's capable of penetrating the goal line and scoring a lot of touchdowns this season.
  11. I currently have the Chargers. Less than thrilled about the matchup and looking for a streamer... Cowboys @ Seattle and Dolphins vs. Raiders are the only two real options. Don't want to drop the Chargers, so I'll probably cut Yeldon since he's now injured as well. Thoughts?
  12. Freudian slip, perhaps? Anyway... On Drake's draft position, I've been getting him in the 4th a lot in my mock drafts on FantasyPros, making him a RB2. I have him toward the bottom of the third tier RBs in my "if I had to rank" rankings, so I think that's decent value, having a top-20 PPR back as your RB2. However, as many have said, Gore and Ballage are there to get touches. Let's say it's a 60/30/10 split between the three. If that's the case, how would any of you rank him against guys like Guice, Collins, Henry, Penny, and Ajayi? (Based on various ADPs, those are RBs drafted around the same RB tier as Drake, near RB20).
  13. The game is finally here. Week 16. The Championship. I need a little help setting my lineup in what will be a very tough matchup. QB: Mariota, Carr RB: McCoy, Murray, Coleman, Gallman, Barber, Henry WR: Hopkins, Allen, Cooks, JuJu, Gordon TE: Ertz K: Lutz D: Ravens My main question is at QB. Would you start Carr vs. Eagles or Mariota vs. Rams? There is also the possibility of picking up Flacco to play against the Colts. RB, I'm pretty much going to have to be locked in to Murray. None of my other options inspire much confidence given matchups and workloads. At WR, I am going to lock in Hopkins and Allen for sure, but at my flex, I'm not sure if I should start Cooks vs. the Bills or JuJu vs. the Texans. Cooks put up 4.2 points in PPR against the Bills two weeks ago. Overall, he's been pretty good with only 5/14 games going for fewer than 10 points, but he has the risk of putting up a dud. JuJu, on the other hand, faces a Texans defense that just allowed 57.8 points to WRs in Week 15. With AB out, he looks poised to see an increase role in a high-powered offense. QB: Mariota/Carr/Flacco? FLEX: Cooks/JuJu? Thanks, WHIR