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  1. Godwin is averaging a good 50% more red zone targets per game than Gronkowski Then why are you worried about a TE on pace for 580 yards, a RB on pace for 224 yards receiving, and a WR on pace for 750 yards taking away looks.
  2. Agreed, I don't think anyone thinks Bell is still elite. But I do think it's telling that the rest of the AFC East are all interested in Bell since they presumably have a little more insight than other teams. A small point in the "Gase is terrible" direction versus the "Bell is washed" direction
  3. I'm guessing many people are reading this as Bell wanting to sign with an AFC East team as revenge. But I also want to point out that if the interest truly is mutual, the AFC East teams probably know Bell the best from seeing him and game planning for him twice a year. Might be a good sign that he still has something left in the tank (assuming it's not just his agent spreading rumors).
  4. Those are fair points, but I disagree with 2) - both offensive lines were terrible last year. In any case, I don't disagree that Fournette had a better supporting cast, although maybe we disagree on the magnitude. But I think Fournette was much better last year than Bell by a large enough margin where I think it makes up the difference in worse supporting casts.
  5. I mean, I get it - Adam Gase sucks. But the Jaguars haven't exactly been a well run organization either. Gase is probably worse, but at the same time Fournette was actually more efficient and actually useful in fantasy last year - so seems like a wash at best
  6. Does anyone else feel a little dejavu from when the Jags dropped Fournette? Questionable efficiency last year, being dropped partially due to character issues, the whole lol Jets / lol Jaguars factor, and the fact the teams attempted to trade them for anything but weren't able to even get a 7th round pick. Edit: Obviously this could work out differently, and the situation in Tampa Bay may change, but these situations feel so similar to me.
  7. I think many Henderson owners would make that trade, and that's where the problem lies. Most of us think that 15+ games are unsustainable (given how eager to sell we are), and unfortunately that's a pretty easy conclusion for someone to come to even if they hadn't been paying attention before
  8. Just need Jonnu Smith to score -14 points, so still holding out hope Edit: Would've been much closer had I kept the Browns defense instead of picking up the chiefs after they got dropped. 18 point swing in my league so ironically that's what I get for paying attention
  9. For what it's worth, the game scripts have not actually been all that bad. I know it's hard to believe, but outside of the 9ers game they haven't really been blown out - they've been doing a good job of staying within striking range and giving me hope even though I should know better by now
  10. I own Kelley, and I think it's pretty clear that it's Jackson's backfield right now. Maybe it'll change, but Jackson getting the touches in the drive right before OT (not to mention the first four touches of that drive!) and in OT really makes me think that the coaching staff trusts Jackson more.
  11. There are too many things working against Henderson to actually sell high, unless you're able to fleece someone who's not paying attention. Sell high doesn't work particularly well when everyone who owns him also wants to sell Even if someone isn't paying attention to the crowded backfield and their second round pick coming back from injury, they can easily look at stats, see the dud from the previous week as well as the 2.5 yds/carry game and come to the reasonable conclusion that he lucked out this past week with two touchdowns
  12. Think I'm playing him over MVS. I can't say I follow the Raiders but so far they've played the Panthers (114 yds and a TD to Anderson), Saints w/out Thomas, and the Patriots, so it doesn't seem like it's as bad a matchup as the numbers suggest. I don't really recognize any of their secondary - of course I could just be uninformed, but a little surprised that they'd be as good as 4th in pts allowed to WRs (for 0.5 ppr at least)
  13. What happened last Sunday? Was he shut down by Lattimore? Just wasn't getting open? 1 reception for 5 yards doesn't exactly inspire a ton of confidence even with Lazard out
  14. Dropped MVS for Lazard earlier this week and now just dropped Lazard back for MVS. Snip snap snip snap