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  1. What a short but fun ride it was with him. Hopefully Watson comes back strong next season. FWIW, someone just offered me Jeffery for Fuller in a deep 12 team league, to add to the 'value' discussion.
  2. I too would be in panic mode, but I came around to the same conclusions as mentioned above regarding Luck ROS. If you have the space, or an IR slot where you can hide him each weekend, then maybe go that route and try to get another guy, but I just think it's going to be a struggle whenever he's healthy, especially when you consider his matchups.
  3. Right, and I think passing on guys like Dak/Deshaun, especially if you were going to need help sooner than later, might come back to haunt you, but who knows. Doesn't seem like there's a definitive timeframe, and if it's on the later end, for me personally, I can look at other uses for that bench spot.
  4. Mostly true, but I don't think you're starting him the first game back, so Week 9 would be out. Then you get one game against Pitt, then a bye, then a nice matchup against Tennessee, before two tough road trips (Buffalo D isn't all that bad) and you cap it off with Denver coming to town. If those reports come to fruition, I just think it makes it A LOT harder to roster him at this point.
  5. I think my stop on this train is coming up, unless there's better news about the next few weeks. With some recent reports suggesting he might not play at all in October, and looking ahead to his schedule once he'd be back based on those reports, I think his bench spot could be used elsewhere. Hypothetically, when are you starting him below? Pittsburgh? Tennessee? No thanks on either his first game back, or any of Jax, Buffalo, Denver. Week 9: @Houston Week 10: Pittsburgh Week 11: Bye Week 12: Tennessee Week 13: @Jacksonville Week 14: @Buffalo Week 15: Denver Week 16: @Baltimore
  6. I need Diggs to step up to the tune of 21 points in a .5PPR. Not completely outrageous, but he'll need to have a big game.
  7. I'm still onboard this train, hoping for the improvement and conversion of targets, but sometimes your team needs a safer floor (Example, someone offered Crabtree) and that can be more appealing then one big game, followed by games of 2, 3, 4, etc. Obviously the Crabtree example is now influenced by QB health, but just for perspective, it's tough to bank on MB right now, and some of us need 'bank.' Haha
  8. I think my only concern, while not 'banking' on him getting injured, is if the 49ers continue to lose, and Hyde gets banged up here and here, then does he get phased out over the season for Brieda? I'm also not trying to turn this into a 'is this a good deal' post, but in the example up above of being offered Gronk for Hyde, I happen to have a team that's stacked (and healthy) at the moment, the only weakness being TE, so that's the type of value/offer I'd be all over.
  9. Loved this kid in college, and with stories like the one posted above, it's hard not to root for his success. I've bought into him in a couple leagues as a backup/fill-in. He's a rookie, so it'd be tough to rely solely on him, but he could definitely help out in certain spots.
  10. All of this. I love a good hype train as much as the next person, but man, the Corey Davis train is just about off the rails. With all the run game focus already, missed time, game flow... I just don't see the comparison.
  11. John Brown's health is such a key to deciding how to handle Nelson. Brown just can't seem to stay healthy, I have no faith he plays for any stretch of time before getting hurt again. Nelson himself was banged up this past week, so he's a hold for me - His production is there most weeks.
  12. The Elliott option crossed my mind - I don't think he'll serve his suspension (hence why I drafted him in the first place) but you never know. If I trade away Gurley or Hunt, and Zeke ends up sitting, then I'm double screwed. If anything was proved to me on Sunday, it's that OBJ is, more times than not, always going to get his, regardless of the OL. He'll have down weeks like anyone else, but I'd like to get him on my team if possible.
  13. Love CMC's potential, but would probably do that trade for Martin's steady touches and TD potential.
  14. I do like OBJ - Would you rather trade away Gurley or Hunt?
  15. Interesting guys -I've been pretty pumped on the Gurley returns so far, and I never could've expected the return on Hunt. But I can also see how you like Hunt better ROS. I want to make this work one way or another.