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  1. Lineups on Twitter showing him batting 7th. Baseballpress and Yahoo! seem to be using yesterday's lineup.
  2. Both Fletcher and La Stella have a .365 OBP coming in today, and Fletcher is a RHB vs. LHP Milone. Fletcher been lead-off for 3 of the last 4 games.
  3. Moose out of the game with a right hand contusion after 9th inning HBP. Brewers out of position players in the 11th. Imagine an injury gives the team a good excuse to slow-play Moose while keeping Shaw and Huira up.
  4. Unless there are some odd rules about your league, you should aim for 66-70% budget to hitters. 60% is fine if you want to go very pitching heavy with aces and top-tier closers.
  5. If you have deep benches and games played/IP limits, it makes sense. You want to maximize games played for counting stats, and a bench catcher likely fills in more GP than most bench bats. Also allows you to use Kurt Suzuki to maximum effectiveness.
  6. Your RB depth is lacking, so I don't see this as a good play. Value-wise you win, but you already have many high variance players. You're also losing value of having Burton and Graham with a R/W only flex. If you offer, I recommend putting Morris in your flex before doing so.
  7. Have to use him at home in good matchups until the league catches up. There's definite concerns about his season-long viability with his current repertoire. However, in the short-term, deception will hold up until it doesn't.
  8. In a daily league, 1 bench bat is often enough. I like to think about utilization of those 2nd/3rd bench bats. An extra RP/SP you can use 100% of the time, but those extra bench bats probably less than 50%. Unless it's a super deep league where PT is king, then you can leave bats on the wire and pick up for injuries. In a weekly league, only recommend bench bats if they are stashes (ex. Acuna, Senzel) or pure category plays (ex. Mallex Smith, Matt Davidson).
  9. Modeling auction after a snake draft can be helpful to people new to auction leagues or with a new group of drafters. It could be a good baseline to work off of rather than pegging to a strategy that could be upset if others are going after the same strat. I'm also a bit confused about the criticism because the drafted team in the article does align somewhat with what CrypTvill's saying. The OF/UTIL/BN is full of OF dart throws that could be easily dropped or cycled through. IF/C is where all the high producers are. Pitching staff has some security in RP/SP as well, with some dart throws like Maeda, Green, and Gray. Personally, I love auctions because it requires knowledge/opinions about the entire draftable player pool. That and seeing folks nominate a $5 Matt Kemp in a 10—team mixed...
  10. I'm wary of Mike Dunn in Coors. High FB% (42.6% in 2016; 43.0% career) and decreased K rate last year (21.6% in 2016 vs 25.8% career). Next series is Dodgers at home. *Full disclosure: Dropped Dunn and McGee yesterday for Bailey and a bat in a SV and HLD league.