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  1. Bell will definitely get a TD. Against the Jets though everyone should eat.
  2. There was traffic around him but he should have caught it. It hit him right in the chest.
  3. Great. Chiefs are never going to get the ball again. lol
  4. I undersold him, but I'm convinced now. I had him at like WR15 before but I think WR8 or so is appropriate now.
  5. Don't like that Bell is getting an entire series to himself.
  6. Lev Bell with the bad juju, first play in someone fumbles.
  7. Hasty has like 3 good runs and he’s all the sudden Walter Payton. McKinnon got 17 and 21 touches in the previous 2 games Mostert missed. I’d expect the same unless old man Coleman comes back and makes it a bigger mess.
  8. I'm not really sure how to evaluate everyone's value here... a lot mouths to feed.
  9. I doubt he get's many rushing yards but he could easily get 6-8 catches. Something like 14-40 rushing, 6-50 receiving, 1 TD
  10. I've always hated Gio for some reason, but the dude is an above average receiving back. Not much to write home about running the ball, but with that horrific offensive line it's not like that was really happening anway.
  11. Yea they invested a lot of money in him, no reason to run him into the ground with an injury for a lost season. Probably safe to assume he's out next week too with the bye after.
  12. Well the Bengals play the next two games and then a bye. So if it's actually something that's going to sideline him I'd assume that's what we're looking at.
  13. I finally got the right comparison for this guy. Chris Johnson. 100%. Hopefully he can put the injuries behind him and come out strong for the (fantasy) playoff push.
  14. They must have sent the MRI results via USPS.