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  1. TF is going on in this game Chark doesn't even have a target yet?
  2. I think Scary Terry could come alive in the fantasy playoffs (I.E. after Haskins has a solid month under his belt).
  3. I benched him for Marvin Jones on a gut feeling, not disappointed with the result obviously. I think I have to lock and load Diggs from now on though. Granted, I've said that before.
  4. Marvin Jones vs. DAL Stefon Diggs vs. DEN Terry McLaurin vs. NYJ
  5. He's a high variance play but part of that variance is a high ceiling if Jimmy moves the ball and they get to the goal line. He probably rates out as a low end RB2 in the grand scheme of things.
  6. I thought I saw Coleman jogging off the field with the rest of the team, so I don't think he went into the medical tent or went into the locker room early.
  7. Carson's YPC is misleading. He is third in the NFL in elusiveness rating. I care way more about that.
  8. Regression will hit at some point but are you leaving him out of your lineup? I think not...
  9. I benched Coleman for Edmonds and I feel really stupid.
  10. Haskins has all the experience of one year in college and a handful of snaps in the NFL in real game situations (beyond High School). He's going to take some time. Talent is there, but it will take a while. I'm not really big on him as a prospect, but he's not relevant (or shouldn't be) until at least next year.
  11. he looked really bad last year. I think its just natural maturity and improvement for a young athletic player.
  12. Is it mandatory for Diggs to sit out after every catch?
  13. I thought Arians was smart then I remembered how stubborn he was.