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  1. KC is better against outside wrs. Miller should do good if they have him primarily in the slot
  2. I know he wrecked the Ravens last time, but I expect a dud this week. Don't see how you can bench him though unless you have a solid rb2 in a great matchup
  3. Damien Williams for Godwin week 3 or Adams/Stafford for Lamar/Sutton the day after Adams was hurt....I knew that wasn't gonna be good for a while. Actually just beat the guy I traded with to go to the ship thanks to Lamar
  4. You already know he's gonna be shaking his hand or grabbing his thumb as an excuse when he starts slinging INT's
  5. That's what I was thinking aswell. Either McLaughlin or Fairbarn. I already have fairbarn, but my opponent has Watson/Hopkins stack so may go with McLaughlin
  6. How you guys feeling about him this week? Panthers struggle with slot wrs so worried this is gonna be a lockett game
  7. Which kicker should I use? Mcluaghlin (Colts @ Saints) Fairbarn (Texans @ Titans) Gonzalez (Cards vs Browns) Slye (Panthers vs Seahawks)
  8. I like Corey Davis out if that bunch. I expect AJ and Henry to open things up for him. Vegas has that game as one of the higher scoring games his week too However I'd pickup Conley over all those if he's available
  9. Rams....they've been the best dst since acquiring Ramsey with the exception of Ravens game. Dak has been turning the ball over and cowboys defense can't stop anyone
  10. Sanders and Slayton for me. Browns are strong against outside wrs and don't give up TDS to them. Too many mouths to feed in SF to be confident in deebo over Sanders imo
  11. I'd go with Sanders ..Pitt dst is the difference for me
  12. Singletary easily for me. He's been getting volume and Conners coming off an injury and often gets injured mid game