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  1. That's their fault for getting cute. If Julio is a go he plays for me.
  3. I knew this guy would be trash and still I bid on him because I just had to have one of the RBs from that tier and he was the only one left. He sucks. Murray stealing all the TDs and he’s not getting any passes.
  4. Can’t believe I dropped Brees for that ******** bum Minshew. Going to cost me this week.
  5. Just moved Hunt for him. I'm all aboard and his upside is tremendous. Legitimately think he has high WR2 / low WR1 upside with the target volume, how he looks out there and how much Ben loves slinging it.
  6. Like gregp said, I like your team as is. Mixon will have better days and Robinson has already been solid. I think your WR corps is fine and will feast once Golladay and Brown come back and it's looking like Golladay is going to play this week.
  7. 0.5 PPR Give: Kareem Hunt Get: Tyler Boyd My team: RB: Chubb/Jones/Johnson/Hunt WR: Hilton/Cooks/Kirk/Campbell/Perriman/Cephus TE: Andrews/Goedert His team: RB: Henry/Gurley/Jones/Gibson/McKinnon WR: Jones/McLaurin/Fuller/Boyd/Miller/Shenault TE: Hurst Trouble deciding whether Boyd is valuable enough for Hunt. Thoughts? My WRs are really hurting. WHIR
  8. Probably going to lose in one of my main leagues despite having Aaron Jones and Nick Chubb. Too bad the rest of my team is trash.
  9. "TD regression". So pumped I ignored the groupthink and reached for this guy in both my snake and auction leagues. He's an elite talent and he's good at finding the end zone.
  10. High enough on this guy that I spent a ton of FAAB on him so that I can flip Andrew. Guy's been a top 10 TE going back into the second half of 2019. No reason to expect that to change now given how bad the WR corps looks.
  11. Revelatory considering the Browns were playing down multiple scores for pretty much the entire game.
  12. If he stays healthy this guy is in for a big season. Will be a steal. IF he stays healthy.
  13. Drafted him with the 14th pick in my 0.5 PPR 12 team and also paid $36 in a 12 team, 1 PPR auction league. I don't think his question marks are any worse than those of the other backs going around him and the guy was an absolute stud last year. I think the AJ Dillon hype is completely overblown and the Packers were at their best when leaning on him last year. He's also got a nose for the end zone so the belief that he'll cede all that work to Dillon is based on nothing besides Dillon's size.